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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    8 July 2016Big Data and Behavior in Operational Research: Towards a “Smart OR”  White, L; Burger, K; Yearworth, M
    2016A Case Study of Applying Complexity Leadership Theory in Thales UK  Gilbert, D; Shrieves, L; Yearworth, M
    22 December 2016Climate change and cities: problem structuring methods and critical perspectives on low-carbon districts  Yearworth, M; Freeman, R
    2016Complexity in a systems engineering organization: An empirical case study  Gilbert, D; Yearworth, M
    1 January 2017Demystifying facilitation: A new approach to investigating the role of facilitation in group decision support processes  Yearworth, M; White, L
    24 November 2017Evaluating How System Health Assessment Can Trigger Anticipatory Action for Resilience  Lowe, D; Oliver, P; Midgley, G; et al.
    1 December 2016Guiding interventions in a multi-organisational context: combining the Viable System Model and Hierarchical Process Modelling for use as a Problem Structuring Method  Lowe, D; Martingale, L; Yearworth, M
    8 September 2018Micro-Processes in Group Decision and Negotiation: Practices and Routines for Supporting Decision Making  Ackermann, F; Yearworth, M; White, L
    16 September 2014The non-codified use of problem structuring methods and the need for a generic constitutive definition  Yearworth, M; White, L
    3 August 2016Planning For 5G: A Problem Structuring Approach for Survival in the Telecoms Industry  Jones, W; Sooriyabandara, M; Yearworth, M; et al.
    20 January 2019Response to viewpoint: whither problem structuring methods (PSMs)?  Lowe, D; Yearworth, M
    1 April 2016Revisiting Jevons' Paradox with system dynamics: systemic causes and potential cures  Freeman, R; Yearworth, M; Preist, C
    31 January 2018Spontaneous emergence of Community OR: self-initiating, self-organising problem structuring mediated by social media  Yearworth, M; White, L
    3 December 2014Understanding behaviour in problem structuring methods interventions with activity theory  White, L; Burger, K; Yearworth, M
    13 December 2018Understanding front-end project workshops with Social Practice Theory  Burger, K; White, L; Yearworth, M
    2 October 2018The value paradox of Problem Structuring Methods  Tully, P; White, L; Yearworth, M
    15 February 2018Why so serious? Theorising playful model-driven group decision support with situated affectivity  Burger, K; White, L; Yearworth, M