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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2010An annotated bibliography of tax compliance and compliance costs  James, Simon; Edwards, Alison
    28 September 2021Negotiating Climate Change in Crisis  Böhm, S; Sullivan, S
    13 February 2013Party activists, campaign funding and the quality of government  Maloney, John; Pickering, Andrew C.
    20 October 2015Sustainable champions: how international companies are changing the face of business in China  Gosling, Jonathan; Jia, Fu; Witzel, Morgen
    1 May 2014The Tax Implications of Scottish Independence or Further Devolution  Frecknall-Hughes, J; James, SR; McIlwhan, R
    1 November 2008Transition to sustainability: towards a humane and diverse world  Adams, W.M.; Jeanrenaud, Sally