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Recent Submissions

  • Conformance testing of formal semantics using grammar-based fuzzing 

    Marmsoler, D; Brucker, AD (Springer-Verlag, 2022)
    A common problem in verification is to ensure that the formal specification models the real-world system, i.e., the implementation, faithfully. Testing is a technique that can help to bridge the gap between a formal ...
  • Gapless dispersion of acoustic line modes with glide-symmetry 

    Ward, GP; Smith, JD; Hibbins, A; et al. (American Physical Society, 2022)
    The effect of glide-symmetry on the dispersion of acoustic surface waves supported by lines of open-ended holes in acrylic plates is investigated. Two samples are experimentally characterised, each formed of a pair of ...
  • Bone remodeling following mandibular reconstruction using fibula free flap. 

    Zheng, K; Yoda, N; Chen, J; et al. (Elsevier, 6 February 2022)
    To investigate bone remodelling responses to mandibulectomy, a joint external and internal remodelling algorithm is developed here by incorporating patient-specific longitudinal data. The primary aim of this study is to ...
  • Hydrogen emission from accretion and outflow in T Tauri stars 

    Wilson, TJG; Matt, S; Harries, TJ; et al. (Oxford University Press / Royal Astronomical Society, 2022)
    Radiative transfer modelling offers a powerful tool for understanding the enigmatic hydrogen emission lines from T Tauri stars. This work compares optical and near-IR spectroscopy of 29 T Tauri stars with our grid of ...
  • Drivers of biases in the CMIP6 extratropical storm tracks. Part 1: Northern Hemisphere 

    Priestley, MDK; Ackerley, D; Catto, JL; et al. (American Meteorological Society, 16 May 2022)
    Abstract: The ability of climate models to represent extratropical storm tracks is vital to provide useful projections. In previous work the representation of the extratropical storm tracks in the Northern Hemisphere was ...

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