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  • A new class of magnetically actuated pumps and valves for microfluidic applications 

    Hamilton, J; Bryan, MT; Gilbert, AD; Ogrin, FY; Myers, TO (Springer Nature, 2018-01-17)
    We propose a new class of magnetically actuated pumps and valves that could be incorporated into microfluidic chips with no further external connections. The idea is to repurpose ferromagnetic low Reynolds number swimmers ...
  • Exploring the potential climate change impact on urban growth in London by a cellular automata-based Markov chain model 

    Lu, Q; Chang, NB; Joyce, J; Chen, AS; Savic, DA; Djordjevic, S; Fu, G (Elsevier, 2017-11-29)
    Urbanization has become a global trend under the combined influence of population growth, socioeconomic development, and globalization. Even though recent urban planning in London has been more deliberate, the relationships ...
  • Ideal Weyl points and helicoid surface states in artificial photonic crystal structures 

    Yang, B; Guo, Q; Tremain, B; Liu, R; Barr, L; Yan, Q; Gao, W; Liu, H; Xiang, Y; Chen, J; Fang, C; Hibbins, A; Lu, L; Zhang, S (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2018-01-11)
    Weyl points are the crossing points of linearly dispersing energy bands in the Brillouin zone of three-dimensional crystals. Weyl points provide the opportunity to explore a variety of intriguing phenomena such as topologically ...
  • Science cases for a visible interferometer 

    Stee, P; Allard, F; Benisty, M; Bigot, L; Blind, N; Boffin, H; Fernandes, MB; Carciofi, A; Chiavassa, A; Creevey, O; Cruzalebes, P; Wit, W-JD; Souza, ADD; Elvis, M; Fabas, N; Faes, D; Gallenne, A; Pena, CG; Hillen, M; Hoenig, S; Ireland, M; Kervella, P; Kishimoto, M; Kostogryz, N; Kraus, S; Labeyrie, A; Bouquin, J-BL; Lebre, A; Ligi, R; Marconi, A; Marsh, T; Meilland, A; Millour, F; Monnier, J; Mourard, D; Nardetto, N; Ohnaka, K; Paladini, C; Perraut, K; Perrin, G; Petit, P; Petrov, R; Rakshit, S; Schaefer, G; Schneider, J; Shulyak, D; Simon, M; Soulez, F; Steeghs, D; Tallon-Bosc, I; Tallon, M; Brummelaar, TT; Thiebaut, E; Thévenin, F; Winckel, HV; Wittkowski, M; Zorec, J (Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur, 2017)
    High spatial resolution is the key for the understanding various astrophysical phenomena. But even with the future E-ELT, single dish instruments are limited to a spatial resolution of about 4 mas in the visible. For the ...
  • Control interface concepts for CHARA 6-telescope fringe tracking with CHAMP+MIRC 

    Kraus, S; Monnier, J; Baron, F; Che, X; Millan-Gabet, R; Thureau, N; Pedretti, E (Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), 2012-09-12)
    Cophasing six telescopes from the CHARA array, the CHARA-Michigan Phasetracker (CHAMP) and Michigan Infrared Combiner (MIRC) are pushing the frontiers of infrared long-baseline interferometric imaging in key scientific ...
  • Variable dynamics in the inner disk of HD 135344B revealed with multi-epoch scattered light imaging 

    Stolker, T; Sitko, M; Lazareff, B; Benisty, M; Dominik, C; Waters, R; Min, M; Perez, S; Milli, J; Garufi, A; Boer, JD; Ginski, C; Kraus, S; Berger, J-P; Avenhaus, H (American Astronomical Society / IOP Publishing, 2017-11-09)
  • Variability of disk emission in pre-main sequence and related stars. II. Variability in the gas and dust emission of the Herbig Fe star SAO 206462 

    Sitko, ML; Day, AN; Kimes, RL; Beerman, LC; Martus, C; Lynch, DK; Russell, RW; Grady, CA; Schneider, G; Lisse, CM; Nuth, JA; Curé, M; Henden, AA; Kraus, S; Motta, V; Tamura, M; Hornbeck, J; Williger, GM; Fugazza, D (American Astronomical Society / IOP Publishing, 2012-01)
    We present 13 epochs of near-infrared (0.8-5 μm) spectroscopic observations of the pre-transitional, "gapped" disk system in SAO 206462 (=HD 135344B). In all, six gas emission lines (Brα, Brγ, Paβ, Paγ, Paδ, Paepsilon, and ...
  • Imaging the spinning gas and dust in the disc around the supergiant A[e] star HD 62623 

    Millour, F; Meilland, A; Chesneau, O; Stee, P; Kanaan, S; Petrov, R; Mourard, D; Kraus, S (EDP Sciences, 2011-02)
    Context. To progress in the understanding of evolution of massive stars one needs to constrain the mass-loss and determine the phenomenon responsible for the ejection of matter an its reorganization in the circumstellar ...
  • Revealing the sub-AU asymmetries of the inner dust rim in the disk around the Herbig Ae star R Coronae Austrinae 

    Kraus, S; Hofmann, K-H; Malbet, F; Meilland, A; Natta, A; Schertl, D; Stee, P; Weigelt, G (EDP Sciences, 2009-12)
    Context. Unveiling the structure of the disks around intermediate-mass pre-main-sequence stars (Herbig Ae/Be stars) is essential for our understanding of the star and planet formation process. In particular, models predict ...
  • Status of the Planet Formation Imager (PFI) concept 

    Ireland, MJ; Monnier, JD; Kraus, S; Isella, A; Minardi, S; Petrov, R; ten Brummelaar, T; Young, J; Vasisht, G; Mozurkewich, D; Rinehart, S; Michael, EA; van Belle, G; Woillez, J (Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), 2016-08-04)
    The Planet Formation Imager (PFI) project aims to image the period of planet assembly directly, resolving structures as small as a giant planet’s Hill sphere. These images will be required in order to determine the ...
  • Visual/infrared interferometry of Orion Trapezium stars: preliminary dynamical orbit and aperture synthesis imaging of the θ1 Orionis C system 

    Kraus, S; Balega, YY; Berger, J-P; Hofmann, K-H; Millan-Gabet, R; Monnier, JD; Ohnaka, K; Pedretti, E; Preibisch, T; Schertl, D; Schloerb, FP; Traub, WA; Weigelt, G (EDP, 2007-05)
    Context.Located in the Orion Trapezium cluster, θ1Ori C is one of the youngest and nearest high-mass stars (O5-O7) known. Besides its unique properties as a magnetic rotator, the system is also known to be a close ...
  • Detection of high-velocity material from the wind-wind collision zone of Eta Carinae across the 2009.0 periastron passage 

    Groh, JH; Nielsen, KE; Damineli, A; Gull, TR; Madura, TI; Hillier, DJ; Teodoro, M; Driebe, T; Weigelt, G; Hartman, H; Kerber, F; Okazaki, AT; Owocki, SP; Millour, F; Murakawa, K; Kraus, S; Hofmann, K-H; Schertl, D (EDP Sciences for European Southern Observatory (ESO), 2010-07-23)
    We report near-infrared spectroscopic observations of the Eta Carinae massive binary system during 2008–2009 using the CRIRES spectrograph mounted on the 8 m UT 1 Very Large Telescope (VLT Antu). We detect a strong, broad ...
  • New opportunities with spectro-interferometry and spectro-astrometry 

    Kraus, S (Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), 2012-09-12)
    Latest-generation spectro-interferometric instruments combine a milliarcsecond angular resolution with spectral capabilities, resulting in an immensely increased information content. Here, I present methodological work and ...
  • Toppling dynamics of regularly spaced dominoes in an array 

    Shi, T; Liu, Y; Wang, N; Liu, C (American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2018)
    This paper studies a new comprehensive model for toppling dynamics of regularly spaced dominoes in an array. The model has unlocked the hypotheses introduced by Stronge and Shu [1], which can provide us some essential ...
  • Strong near-infrared emission in the sub-AU disk of the Herbig Ae star HD 163296: evidence of refractory dust? 

    Benisty, M; Natta, A; Isella, A; Berger, J-P; Massi, F; Le Bouquin, J-B; Mérand, A; Duvert, G; Kraus, S; Malbet, F; Olofsson, J; Robbe-Dubois, S; Testi, L; Vannier, M; Weigelt, G (EDP Sciences for European Southern Observatory (ESO), 2010-03-12)
    We present new long-baseline spectro-interferometric observations of the Herbig Ae star HD 163296 (MWC 275) obtained in the H and K bands with the AMBER instrument at the VLTI. The observations cover a range of spatial ...
  • An asymmetry detected in the disk of κ Canis Majoris with AMBER/VLTI 

    Meilland, A; Millour, F; Stee, P; Domiciano de Souza, A; Petrov, RG; Mourard, D; Jankov, S; Robbe-Dubois, S; Spang, A; Aristidi, E; Antonelli, P; Beckmann, U; Bresson, Y; Chelli, A; Dugué, M; Duvert, G; Gennari, S; Glück, L; Kern, P; Lagarde, S; Le Coarer, E; Lisi, F; Malbet, F; Perraut, K; Puget, P; Rantakyrö, F; Roussel, A; Tatulli, E; Weigelt, G; Zins, G; Accardo, M; Acke, B; Agabi, K; Altariba, E; Arezki, B; Baffa, C; Behrend, J; Blöcker, T; Bonhomme, S; Busoni, S; Cassaing, F; Clausse, J-M; Colin, J; Connot, C; Delboulbé, A; Driebe, T; Feautrier, P; Ferruzzi, D; Forveille, T; Fossat, E; Foy, R; Fraix-Burnet, D; Gallardo, A; Giani, E; Gil, C; Glentzlin, A; Heiden, M; Heininger, M; Hernandez Utrera, O; Hofmann, K-H; Kamm, D; Kiekebusch, M; Kraus, S; Le Contel, D; Le Contel, J-M; Lesourd, T; Lopez, B; Lopez, M; Magnard, Y; Marconi, A; Mars, G; Martinot-Lagarde, G; Mathias, P; Mège, P; Monin, J-L; Mouillet, D; Nussbaum, E; Ohnaka, K; Pacheco, J; Perrier, C; Rabbia, Y; Rebattu, S; Reynaud, F; Richichi, A; Robini, A; Sacchettini, M; Schertl, D; Schöller, M; Solscheid, W; Stefanini, P; Tallon, M; Tallon-Bosc, I; Tasso, D; Testi, L; Vakili, F; von der Lühe, O; Valtier, J-C; Vannier, M; Ventura, N (EDP Sciences, 2007-03)
    Aims. We study the geometry and kinematics of the circumstellar environment of the Be star κ CMa in the Brγ emission line and its nearby continuum. Methods. We use the VLTI/AMBER instrument operating in the K band ...
  • First results from VLTI near-infrared interferometry on high-mass young stellar objects 

    Kraus, S; Hofmann, K-H; Menten, KM; Schertl, D; Weigelt, G; Wyrowski, F; Meilland, A; Perraut, K; Petrov, R; Robbe-Dubois, S; Schilke, P; Testi, L (Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), 2010-07-22)
    Due to the recent dramatic technological advances, infrared interferometry can now be applied to new classes of objects, resulting in exciting new science prospects, for instance, in the area of high-mass star formation. ...
  • Tracing the young massive high-eccentricity binary system θs\^1Orionis C through periastron passage 

    Kraus, S; Weigelt, G; Balega, YY; Docobo, JA; Hofmann, K-H; Preibisch, T; Schertl, D; Tamazian, VS; Driebe, T; Ohnaka, K; Petrov, R; Schöller, M; Smith, M (EDP Sciences for European Southern Observatory (ESO), 2009-02-09)
    Context. The nearby high-mass star binary system θ1Ori C is the brightest and most massive of the Trapezium OB stars at the core of the Orion Nebula Cluster, and it represents a perfect laboratory to determine the fundamental ...
  • AMBER closure and differential phases: accuracy and calibration with a beam commutation 

    Millour, F; Petrov, RG; Vannier, M; Kraus, S (Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), 2008-07-28)
    The first astrophysical results of the VLTI focal instrument AMBER have shown the importance of the differential and closure phase measures, which are supposed to be much less sensitive to atmospheric and instrumental ...
  • Detection of an Inner Gaseous Component in a Herbig Be Star Accretion Disk: Near- and Mid-Infrared Spectrointerferometry and Radiative Transfer modeling of MWC 147 

    Kraus, S; Preibisch, T; Ohnaka, K (American Astronomical Society / IOP Publishing, 2008-03-20)
    We study the geometry and the physical conditions in the inner (AU-scale) circumstellar region around the young Herbig Be star MWC 147 using long-baseline spectrointerferometry in the near-infrared (NIR) K-band, VLTI/AMBER ...

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