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Recent Submissions

  • Metasurface bilayer for slow microwave surface waves 

    De Pineda Gutiérrez, J; Ward, G; Hibbins, A; et al. (American Physical Society, 2019)
    We present a simple two-layer discontinuous crossed metal-strip array that guides microwaves having very high phase and group indices. The strips are arranged on a square lattice with a two-layer unit-cell. The novelty ...
  • Frequency dependence of surface acoustic wave swimming. 

    Pouya, C; Hoggard, K; Gossage, SH; et al. (The Royal Society, 28 June 2019)
    Surface acoustic waves (SAWs) are elastic waves that can be excited directly on the surface of piezoelectric crystals using a transducer, leading to their exploitation for numerous technological applications, including for ...
  • Isabelle/DOF. User and Implementation Manual 

    Brucker, AD; Wolff, B (University of Exeter / Université Paris-Saclay / University of Sheffield, 18 August 2019)
    Isabelle/DOF provides an implementation of DOF on top of Isabelle/HOL. DOF itself is a novel framework for defining ontologies and enforcing them during document development and document evolution. Isabelle/DOF targets ...
  • Computational models of auditory perception from feature extraction to stream segregation and behavior 

    Rankin, J; Rinzel, J (Elsevier, 19 July 2019)
    Audition is by nature dynamic, from brainstem processing on sub-millisecond time scales, to segregating and tracking sound sources with changing features, to the pleasure of listening to music and the satisfaction of getting ...
  • Optimizing the Performance of Aerosol Photoacoustic Cells using a Finite Element Model. Part 2: Application to a Two-Resonator Cell 

    Cotterell, MI; Ward, G; Hibbins, AP; et al. (Taylor & Francis, 31 July 2019)
    Photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS) measures aerosol absorption in a non-contact manner, providing accurate absorption measurements that are needed to improve aerosol optical property representations in climate models. Central ...

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