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  • Application of Box–Jenkins models for assessing the effect of unusual events recorded by structural health monitoring systems 

    Moyo, P; Brownjohn, James (Sage, 2002-10)
    In-service civil infrastructure experience short-lived and transient changes in strain from time to time resulting for example from ground movements, development of cracks, heavy traffic, and accidents. With the advent of ...
  • Assessment of the effectiveness and economic efficiency of selected support options for the United Kingdom 

    Richardson, Thomas; Xie, Lei; Connor, Peter M. (University of Exeter, 2011-04)
    This Working Document summarises the results of the assessment of the effectiveness and economic efficiency of different support instrument options to foster the market penetration of RES-H/C in the UK. For two selected ...
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of a risk-reduction measure on pluvial flooding and economic loss in Eindhoven, the Netherlands 

    Susnik, Janez; Strehl, C.; Postmes, L.A.; Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia, Lydia S.; Savic, Dragan; Kapelan, Zoran; Malzer, H.-J. (Elsevier, 2014)
    Cities are increasingly assessing and reducing pluvial flood risk. Quantitative assessment of the effectiveness of risk-reduction measures is required. We use hydraulic simulation with GIS-based financial analysis to assess ...
  • Astronomical constraints on the duration of the Early JurassicPliensbachianStage and global climatic fluctuations 

    Ruhl, M; Hesselbo, SP; Hinnov, L; Jenkyns, HC; Xu, W; Riding, JB; Storm, M; Minisini, D; Ullmann, CV; Leng, M (Elsevier, 2016-10-05)
    The Early Jurassic was marked by multiple periods of major global climatic and palaeoceanographic change, biotic turnover and perturbed global geochemical cycles, commonly linked to large igneous province volcanism. This ...
  • Asymmetric dot dimers – optical properties and interactions 

    Meinzer, Nina; Humphrey, Alastair D.; Barnes, William L. (2015-01-06)
    We present a study of the rich optical behaviour of the dark (grey) modes exhibited by asymmetric dot dimers and how this behaviour is modified upon interaction between dimers.
  • Asymmetry of magnetosheath flows and magnetopause shape during low Alfven Mach number solar wind 

    Lavraud, B.; Larroque, E.; Budnik, E.; Genot, V.; Borovsky, J.E.; Dunlop, M.W.; Foullon, Claire; Hasegawa, H.; Jacquey, C.J.; Nykyri, Katariina; Ruffenach, A.; Taylor, M.G.G.T.; Dandouras, I.; Reme, Henri (American Geophysical Union (AGU), 2013)
    Previous works have emphasized the significant influence of the solar wind Alfvén Mach number (MA) on magnetospheric dynamics. Here we report statistical, observational results that pertain to changes in the magnetosheath ...
  • Asymmetry of spin wave dispersions in a hexagonal magnonic crystal 

    Montoncello, F; Tacchi, S; Giovannini, L; Madami, M; Gubbiotti, G; Carlotti, G; Sirotkin, E; Ahmad, E; Ogrin, FY; Kruglyak, VV (American Institute of Physics (AIP), 2013-05-24)
    We report a study of the dispersion of spin waves in a hexagonal array of interacting ferromagnetic nanodisks for two orthogonal orientations of the in-plane applied magnetic field, i.e., either parallel or perpendicular ...
  • Asymptotic analysis and analytical solutions of a model of cardiac excitation. 

    Biktashev, V. N.; Suckley, R.; Elkin, Y. E.; Simitev, R. D. (Springer Verlag, 2008)
    We describe an asymptotic approach to gated ionic models of single-cell cardiac excitability. It has a form essentially different from the Tikhonov fast-slow form assumed in standard asymptotic reductions of excitable ...
  • Asymptotic and numerical solutions of the initial value problem in rotating planetary fluid cores 

    Liao, X.; Zhang, Keke (Oxford University Press / Royal Astronomical Society, 2010)
    An initial state of fluid motion in planetary cores or atmospheres, excited, for example, by the giant impact of an asteroid or an earthquake and then damped by viscous dissipation, decays towards the state of rigid-body ...
  • An asymptotic parallel-in-time method for highly oscillatory PDEs 

    Haut, Terry; Wingate, Beth (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2013-03-26)
    We present a new time-stepping algorithm for nonlinear PDEs that exhibit scale separation in time. Our scheme combines asymptotic techniques (which are inexpensive but can have insufficient accuracy) with parallel-in-time ...
  • Asymptotic properties of mathematical models of excitability. 

    Biktasheva, I. V.; Simitev, R. D.; Suckley, R.; Biktashev, V. N. (Royal Society, 2006)
    We analyse small parameters in selected models of biological excitability, including Hodgkin-Huxley (Hodgkin & Huxley 1952 J. Physiol.117, 500-544) model of nerve axon, Noble (Noble 1962 J. Physiol.160, 317-352) model of ...
  • Asymptotic theory for torsional convection in rotating fluid spheres 

    Zhang, K; Lam, K; Kong, D (Cambridge University Press, 2017-01-19)
    This paper is concerned with the classical, well-studied problem of convective instabilities in rapidly rotating, self-gravitating, internally heated Boussinesq fluid spheres. Sanchez et al. (J. Fluid Mech., vol. 791, 2016, ...
  • Asymptotic theory of resonant flow in a spheroidal cavity driven by latitudinal libration 

    Zhang, Keke; Chan, K.H.; Liao, X. (Cambridge University Press, 2012)
  • Asymptotics of conduction velocity restitution in models of electrical excitation in the heart. 

    Simitev, R. D.; Biktashev, V. N. (Springer Verlag, 2011)
    We extend a non-Tikhonov asymptotic embedding, proposed earlier, for calculation of conduction velocity restitution curves in ionic models of cardiac excitability. Conduction velocity restitution is the simplest non-trivial ...
  • Asynchronous Networks and Event Driven Dynamics 

    Bick, C; Field, M (IOP Publishing, 2017-01-06)
    Real-world networks in technology, engineering and biology often exhibit dynamics that cannot be adequately reproduced using network models given by smooth dynamical systems and a fixed network topology. Asynchronous ...
  • Asynchronous Networks: Modularization of Dynamics Theorem 

    Bick, C; Field, M (IOP Publishing, 2017-01-06)
    Building on the first part of this paper, we develop the theory of functional asynchronous networks. We show that a large class of functional asynchronous networks can be (uniquely) represented as feedforward networks ...
  • At the frontiers of surgery: review. 

    Upile, T; Jerjes, WK; Sterenborg, HJ; Wong, BJ; El-Naggar, AK; Ilgner, JF; Sandison, A; Witjes, MJ; Biel, MA; van Veen, R; Hamdoon, Z; Gillenwater, A; Mosse, CA; Robinson, DJ; Betz, CS; Stepp, H; Bolotine, L; McKenzie, G; Barr, H; Chen, Z; Berg, K; D'Cruz, AK; Sudhoff, H; Stone, N; Kendall, C; Fisher, S; MacRobert, AJ; Leunig, A; Olivo, M; Richards-Kortum, R; Soo, KC; Bagnato, V; Choo-Smith, L-P; Svanberg, K; Tan, IB; Wilson, BC; Wolfsen, H; Bigio, I; Yodh, AG; Hopper, C (Open Access Publishing London, 2011-02-09)
    The complete surgical removal of disease is a desirable outcome particularly in oncology. Unfortunately much disease is microscopic and difficult to detect causing a liability to recurrence and worsened overall prognosis ...
  • Atmospheres and radiating surfaces of neutron stars with strong magnetic fields 

    Potekhin, AY; Ho, WCG; Chabrier, G (SISSA, the International School for Advanced Studies, 2015)
    We review the current status of the theory of thermal emission from the surface layers of neutron stars with strong magnetic fields $B\sim 10^{10}-10^{15}$ G, including formation of the spectrum in a partially ionized ...
  • The atmospheric circulation of a nine-hot Jupiter sample: probing circulation and chemistry over a wide phase space 

    Kataria, T; Sing, David K.; Lewis, N; Visscher, C; Showman, A.P.; Fortney, J.J.; Marley, M (American Astronomical Society, 2016)
    We present results from an atmospheric circulation study of nine hot Jupiters that comprise a large transmission spectral survey using the Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes. These observations exhibit a range of spectral ...
  • Atmospheric escape from HD 189733b observed in H i Lyman-α: Detailed analysis of HST/STIS September 2011 observations 

    Bourrier, V.; Lecavelier des Etangs, A.; Dupuy, H.; Ehrenreich, D.; Vidal-Madjar, A.; Hebrard, G.; Ballester, G.; Desert, J.-M.; Ferlet, R.; Sing, David K.; Wheatley, P.J. (EDP Sciences for European Southern Observatory (ESO), 2013)
    Observations of transits of the hot giant exoplanet HD 189733b in the unresolved H i Lyman-α line show signs of hydrogen escaping the upper atmosphere of the planet. New resolved Lyman-α observations obtained with the STIS ...