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  • Dramatic interannual changes of perennial Arctic sea ice linked to abnormal summer storm activity 

    Screen, James A.; Simmonds, Ian; Keay, Kevin (American Geophysical Union, 2011)
    The perennial (September) Arctic sea ice cover exhibits large interannual variability, with changes of over a million square kilometers from one year to the next. Here we explore the role of changes in Arctic cyclone ...
  • Drift of scroll waves in thin layers caused by thickness features: asymptotic theory and numerical simulations 

    Biktasheva, I. V.; Dierckx, H.; Biktashev, V. N. (American Physical Society, 2015)
    A scroll wave in a very thin layer of excitable medium is similar to a spiral wave, but its behavior is affected by the layer geometry. We identify the effect of sharp variations of the layer thickness, which is separate ...
  • Drug delivery into microneedle-porated nails from nanoparticle reservoirs. 

    Chiu, Wing Sin; Belsey, Natalie A.; Garrett, Natalie; Moger, Julian; Price, GJ; Begoña Delgado-Charro, M; Guy, Richard H. (Elsevier, 2015-10-15)
    This study demonstrates the potential of polymeric nanoparticles as drug reservoirs for sustained topical drug delivery into microneedle-treated human nail. Laser scanning confocal microscopy was used to image the delivery ...
  • A DSS generator for multiobjective optimisation of spreadsheet-based models 

    Savic, Dragan; Bicik, Josef; Morley, Mark S. (Elsevier, 2011)
    Water management practice has benefited from the development of model-driven Decision Support Systems (DSS), and in particular those that combine simulation with single or multiple-objective optimisation tools. However, ...
  • Durability of synthetic mooring lines for ocean energy devices 

    Weller, S.D.; Davies, P.; Thies, Philipp R.; Harnois, Violette; Johanning, Lars (ICOE, 2012-10)
    The mooring systems of Marine Energy Converters (including wave energy, tidal energy and offshore floating wind systems) are critical elements and a thorough understanding of their long term durability is essential to ...
  • Dynamic configurational anisotropy in nanomagnets 

    Kruglyak, V.V.; Keatley, Paul Steven; Hicken, R.J.; Childress, J.R.; Katine, J.A. (American Physical Society, 2007)
    The angular dependence of ultrafast magnetization dynamics in nanomagnets of square shape was studied by magneto-optical pump-probe measurements. In agreement with micromagnetic simulations, both the number of precessional ...
  • Dynamic control of visible radiation by a liquid crystal filled Fabry-Pérot etalon 

    Jewell, Sharon A.; Cornford, Stephen Leslie; Sambles, J. Roy (American Institute of Physics, 2007)
    A liquid crystal filled Fabry-Pérot etalon has been constructed to control the resonant transmission of electromagnetic radiation over the visible range of the spectrum. This has been achieved through the use of a 1.5 µm ...
  • Dynamic inundation simulation of storm water interaction between sewer system and overland flows 

    Hsu, Ming-Hsi; Chen, Shiuan‐Hung; Chang, Tsang-Jung (Taylor & Francis / Chinese Institute of Engineers, 2002)
    An improved urban inundation model, coupling a 2D non‐inertia overland flow model with a storm water management model, is adopted to simulate inundation in urban areas. The model computes, not only the overland runoff and ...
  • Dynamical process of switch-off in a supertwisted nematic cell 

    Yang, Fuzi; Dong, Youmei; Ruan, Lizhen; Sambles, J. Roy (American Institute of Physics, 2004)
    The switch-off dynamics of a 180° supertwisted nematic (STN) are explored in detail by using a convergent beam system and the fully leaky guided-mode technique. From the dynamical guided-mode data and using the Ericksen–Leslie ...
  • Dynamics of coupled cell networks: synchrony, heteroclinic cycles and inflation 

    Aguiar, M.; Ashwin, Peter; Dias, A.; Field, Michael (Springer Verlag, 2011)
    We consider the dynamics of small networks of coupled cells. We usually assume asymmetric inputs and no global or local symmetries in the network and consider equivalence of networks in this setting; that is, when two ...
  • Dynamics of filaments of scroll waves 

    Biktashev, V. N.; Biktasheva, I. V. (World Scientific, 2014)
    The following sections are included: A Brief History and Motivation; Wave-Particle Duality of Spiral Waves; Perturbative Dynamics of Scrolls, and Tension of Filaments; Scroll Wave Turbulence; Rigidity of Scroll Filaments: ...
  • Dynamics of the nearly parametric pendulum 

    Horton, B.; Sieber, J.; Thompson, J.M.; Wiercigroch, M. (Elsevier, 2011)
  • Dynamics of two laterally coupled semiconductor lasers: strong- and weak-coupling theory. 

    Erzgraber, H.; Wieczorek, Sebastian; Krauskopf, Bernd (American Physical Society, 2008)
    The stability and nonlinear dynamics of two semiconductor lasers coupled side to side via evanescent waves are investigated by using three different models. In the composite-cavity model, the coupling between the lasers ...
  • Dynamics on networks of cluster states for globally coupled phase oscillators 

    Ashwin, Peter; Orosz, Gábor; Wordsworth, John; Townley, Stuart (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2007)
    Systems of globally coupled phase oscillators can have robust attractors that are heteroclinic networks. We investigate such a heteroclinic network between partially synchronized states where the phases cluster into three ...
  • Dynamo action in the ABC flows using symmetries 

    Jones, Samuel Edward; Gilbert, Andrew D. (Taylor & Francis, 2013-09-25)
    This paper concerns kinematic dynamo action by the 1:1:1 ABC flow, in the highly conducting limit of large magnetic Reynolds number Rm. The flow possesses 24 symmetries, with a symmetry group isomorphic to the group O24 ...
  • Early Results from VLT-SPHERE: Long-Slit Spectroscopy of 2MASS 0122-2439B, a Young Companion Near the Deuterium Burning Limit 

    Hinkley, Sasha; Bowler, Brendan P.; Vigan, Arthur; Aller, Kimberley M.; Liu, M.C.; Mawet, Dimitri; Matthews, Elisabeth; Wahhaj, Zahed; Kraus, Stefan; Baraffe, I.; Chabrier, G. (American Astronomical Society, 2015-05-19)
    We present 0.95–1.80 µm spectroscopy of the ∼12–27 MJup companion orbiting the faint (R∼13.6), young (∼120Myr) M-dwarf 2MASS J01225093–2439505 (“2M0122–2439B”) at 1.′′5 separation (50 AU). Our coronagraphic long-slit ...
  • Early Warning System for Bathing Water Quality 

    Duncan, Andrew; Keedwell, Edward; Djordjevic, Slobodan; Savic, Dragan (Defra, UK, 2013)
    Poster describing use of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) in a Receiver-Operating Characteristic (ROC) scenario to predict bathing water quality exceedances at beaches in the SW UK.
  • The Earth as an extrasolar transiting planet: Earth's atmospheric composition and thickness revealed by Lunar eclipse observations 

    Vidal-Madjar, A.; Arnold, L.; Ehrenreich, D.; Ferlet, R.; Lecavelier des Etangs, A.; Bouchy, F.; Segransan, D.; Boisse, I.; Hebrard, G.; Moutou, C.; Desert, J.-M.; Sing, David K.; Cabanac, R.; Nitschelm, C.; Bonfils, X.; Delfosse, X.; Desort, M.; Diaz, R.F.; Eggenberger, A.; Forveille, T.; Lagrange, A.-M.; Lovis, C.; Pepe, F.; Perrier, C.; Pont, F.; Santos, N.C.; Udry, S. (EDP Sciences for European Southern Observatory (ESO), 2010)
    Context. An important goal within the quest for detecting an Earth-like extrasolar planet, will be to identify atmospheric gaseous bio-signatures. Aims. Observations of the light transmitted through the Earth’s atmosphere, ...
  • Economical carbon and cellulosic sheet moulding compounds for semi- and non-structural applications 

    Evans, Kenneth E.; Brookbank, Paul A.; Savage, Luke (SAGE Publications, 2015)
    The use of discontinuous carbon fibre plastics (DCFP) in automotive applications is increasing. The material offers a light weight and stiff alternative to conventional short-fibre glass-reinforced composites such as sheet ...
  • Edges of Mutually Non-dominating Sets 

    Everson, Richard M.; Walker, David J.; Fieldsend, Jonathan E. (ACM, 2013-07)
    Multi-objective optimisation yields an estimated Pareto front of mutually non-dominating solutions, but with more than three objectives understanding the relationships between solutions is challenging. Natural solutions ...