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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2010Babinet’s principle and the band structure of surface waves on patterned metal arrays  Edmunds, James D.; Taylor, Melita C.; Hibbins, Alastair P.; et al.
    12 May 2015Back analysis of the 2014 San Leo Landslide using combined terrestrial laser scanning and 3D distinct element modelling  Spreafico, MC; Francioni, M; Cervi, F; et al.
    8 December 2015Back to the future: Assessing the damage of 2004 DHAKA FLOOD in The 2050 urban environment (journal article)  Khan, David M.; Verbeek, William; Chen, Albert S.; et al.
    2013Back to the future: Assessing the impact of the 2004 flood in Dhaka in 2050 (conference paper)  Khan, David M.; Taher, Imtiaz; Veerbeek, William; et al.
    2003Backflow in the relaxation of a hybrid aligned nematic cell  Jewell, Sharon A.; Sambles, J. Roy
    25 July 2019Background EEG connectivity captures the time-course of epileptogenesis in a mouse model of epilepsy  Slowinski, PM; Sheybani, L; Michel, CM; et al.
    7 January 2019Bacterial diversity in typical abandoned multi-contaminated nonferrous metal(loid) tailings during natural attenuation  Liu, J-L; Yao, J; Wang, F; et al.
    2012Bacterial secretion and the role of diffusive and subdiffusive first passage processes  Marten, F; Tsaneva-Atanasova, Krasimira; Giuggioli, L
    7 September 2019Bacterial shifts during in-situ mineralization bio-treatment to non-ferrous metal(loid) tailings  Liu, J-L; Yao, J; Duran, R; et al.
    8 August 2009Badly approximable affine forms and Schmidt games  Tseng, J
    16 June 2011Badly approximable systems of affine forms, fractals, and Schmidt games  Einsiedler, M; Tseng, J
    24 June 2020Balancing Energy Consumption and Reputation Gain of UAV Scheduling in Edge Computing  Zhang, J; Wu, Y; Min, G; et al.
    12 April 2017Balancing of mixed-model parallel U-shaped assembly lines considering model sequences  Kucukkoc, I; Zhang, DZ
    21 August 2018Balancing of mixed-model two-sided assembly lines with underground workstations: A mathematical model and ant colony optimization algorithm  Kucukkoc, I; Li, Z; Karaoglan, AD; et al.
    11 June 2015Balancing of parallel U-shaped assembly lines  Kucukkoc, Ibrahim; Zhang, David Z.
    20 March 2015Band gaps in jagged and straight graphene nanoribbons tunable by an external electric field  Saroka, V.A.; Batrakov, K.G.; Demin, V.A.; et al.
    15 April 2015Band gaps in jagged and straight graphene nanoribbons tunable by an external electric field.  Saroka, VA; Batrakov, KG; Demin, VA; et al.
    9 December 2020Base metal sulphide geochemistry of southern African mantle eclogites (Roberts Victor): Implications for cratonic mafic magmatism and metallogenesis  Hughes, HSR; Compton-Jones, C; McDonald, I; et al.
    1 September 2016Base of the Toarcian Stage of the Lower Jurassic defined by the Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) at the Peniche section (Portugal)  Bordalo da Rocha, R; Mattioli, E; Duarte, LV; et al.
    11 November 2019Baseline Design of the Deep Turbine Installation-Floating, a New Floating Wind Concept  Serret, J; Tezdogan, T; Stratford, T; et al.