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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    25 August 2016C4MIP-The Coupled Climate-Carbon Cycle Model Intercomparison Project: Experimental protocol for CMIP6  Jones, CD; Arora, V; Friedlingstein, P; et al.
    2012CADDIES: a new framework for rapid development of parallel cellular automata algorithms for flood simulation  Guidolin, Michele; Duncan, Andrew; Ghimire, B; et al.
    20 July 2012CADDIES: A New Framework for Rapid Development of Parallel Cellular Automata Algorithms for Flood Simulation  Guidolin, Michele; Duncan, Andrew; Ghimire, Bidur; et al.
    5 December 2019Calcification Microstructure Reflects Breast Tissue Microenvironment  Gosling, S; Scott, R; Greenwood, C; et al.
    2015Calcium-Induced Calcium Release during Action Potential Firing in Developing Inner Hair Cells  Iosub, Radu; Avitabile, Daniele; Grant, Lisa; et al.
    12 October 2020Calcium-stannous oxide solid solutions for solar devices (article)  Taylor, NT; Galbiati, A; Saavedra, M; et al.
    28 September 2020Calcium-Stannous Oxide Solid Solutions for Solar Devices (dataset)  Taylor, N; Galbiati, A; Saavedra, M; et al.
    26 December 2018Calculating coherent light-wave propagation in large heterogeneous media  Vettenburg, T; Horsley, SAR; Bertolotti, J
    15 July 2020Calculating the Lyapunov exponents of a piecewise smooth soft impacting system with a time-delayed feedback controller  Zhang, Z; Liu, Y; Sieber, J
    2 November 2017Calculating with light using a chip-scale all-optical abacus  Feldmann, J; Stegmaier, M; Gruhler, N; et al.
    2 December 2019Camera orientation, calibration and inverse perspective with uncertainties: A Bayesian method applied to area estimation from diverse photographs  Guillet, G; Guillet, T; Ravanel, L
    1 April 2010Can Climate Models Capture the Structure of Extratropical Cyclones?  Catto, JL; Shaffrey, LC; Hodges, KI
    13 October 2015Can climate models represent the precipitation associated with extratropical cyclones?  Hawcroft, MK; Shaffrey, LC; Hodges, KI; et al.
    17 September 2019Can clinical audits be enhanced by pathway simulation and machine learning? An example from the acute stroke pathway  Allen, M; Pearn, K; Monks, T; et al.
    9 December 2016Can conventional phase-change memory devices be scaled down to single-nanometre dimensions?  Hayat, H; Kohary, KI; Wright, CD
    17 January 2013Can correcting feature location in simulated mean climate improve agreement on projected changes?  Levy, AAL; Ingram, W; Jenkinson, M; et al.
    2006Can lasing at visible wavelengths be achieved using the low-loss long-range surface plasmon-polariton mode?  Winter, G.; Wedge, S.; Barnes, William L.
    11 January 2016Can non-ideal magnetohydrodynamics solve the magnetic braking catastrophe?  Wurster, J; Price, DJ; Bate, Matthew R.
    31 December 2015Can non-ideal magnetohydrodynamics solve the magnetic braking catastrophe? (dataset)  Wurster, James; Bate, Matthew; Price, Daniel J
    25 April 2018Can reducing black carbon and methane below RCP2.6 levels keep global warming below 1.5C?  Jones, A; Haywood, JM; Jones, C