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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    26 August 2015D-π-A System Based on Zinc Porphyrin Dyes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: Combined Experimental and DFT-TDDFT Study  Naraa, Vamsi K.; Ullah, Habib; Singh, Varun K.; et al.
    14 May 2014Daily energy expenditure, cardiorespiratory fitness and glycaemic control in people with type 1 diabetes.  Valletta, JJ; Chipperfield, AJ; Clough, GF; et al.
    26 January 2020Daily Global Solar Radiation in China Estimated From High-Density Meteorological Observations: A Random Forest Model Framework  Zeng, Z; Wang, Z; Gui, K; et al.
    19 October 2015Damage detection in concrete precast slabs: A quick assessment through modal tests  Leal Pimentel, R; Soares Ferreira, G; Santos Goncąlves, M; et al.
    2011Damped large amplitude transverse oscillations in an EUV solar prominence, triggered by large-scale transient coronal waves  Hershaw, J.; Foullon, Claire; Nakariakov, V.M.; et al.
    10 August 2016Damped vacuum states of light  Philbin, TG
    31 July 2013Damping the zero-point energy of a harmonic oscillator  Philbin, TG; Horsley, SAR
    2007Dangerous human-made interference with climate: A GISS modelE study  Hansen, J; Sato, M; Ruedy, R; et al.
    14 July 2020Data Augmentation based Cellular Traffic Prediction in Edge Computing Enabled Smart City  Wang, Z; Hu, J; Min, G; et al.
    24 September 2020Data fusion with Gaussian processes for estimation of environmental hazard events  Xiong, X; Youngman, BD; Economou, T
    6 November 2018Data insights from an offshore wind turbine gearbox replacement  Koltsidopoulos Papatzimos, A; Dawood, T; Thies, PR
    26 September 2016Data Integration Model for Air Quality: A Hierarchical Approach to the Global Estimation of Exposures to Ambient Air Pollution  Shaddick, G; Thomas, ML; Jobling, A; et al.
    12 July 2020Data structures for non-dominated sets: implementations and empirical assessment of two decades of advances  Fieldsend, J
    13 December 2019Data supporting Bailey et al. (2020) Data in Brief  Bailey, M; Correa, N; Harding, S; et al.
    14 September 2017Data-driven approaches for measurement interpretation: analysing integrated thermal and vehicular response in bridge structural health monitoring  Kromanis, R; Kripakaran, P
    16 May 2019Data-driven dynamic resource scheduling for network slicing: A Deep reinforcement learning approach  Wang, H; Wu, Y; Min, G; et al.
    6 September 2018Data-Driven Evolutionary Optimization: An Overview and Case Studies  Jin, Y; Wang, H; Chugh, T; et al.
    9 December 2013Data-driven model of random lateral pedestrian excitation  Racic, V; Brownjohn, JMW; Pavic, A
    8 September 2015Data-driven model reduction-based nonlinear MPC for large-scale distributed parameter systems  Xie, W; Bonis, I; Theodoropoulos, C
    9 August 2018Data-driven multi-objective optimisation of coal-fired boiler combustion systems  Rahat, AAM; Chunlin, W; Everson, R; et al.