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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    3 April 2017Early benefits of mitigation in risk of regional climate extremes  Ciavarella, A; Stott, P; Lowe, J
    24 October 2016Early Detection of Progressive Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Severity Index.  Skalli, W; Vergari, C; Ebermeyer, E; et al.
    31 December 2015Early Devonian rift-related felsic igneous rocks in the western Looe Basin, SW England  Penfound-Marks, L.R.G; Shail, RK
    18 October 2016Early diagenetic evolution of the Chalk in eastern Denmark  Moreau, J; Boussaha, M; Nielsen, L; et al.
    3 February 2014Early endosome motility spatially organizes polysome distribution.  Higuchi, Y; Ashwin, P; Roger, Y; et al.
    19 May 2015Early Results from VLT-SPHERE: Long-Slit Spectroscopy of 2MASS 0122-2439B, a Young Companion Near the Deuterium Burning Limit  Hinkley, Sasha; Bowler, Brendan P.; Vigan, Arthur; et al.
    6 January 2017Early transverse tubule development begins in utero in the sheep heart.  Munro, ML; Soeller, C
    2013Early Warning System for Bathing Water Quality  Duncan, Andrew; Keedwell, Edward; Djordjevic, Slobodan; et al.
    8 December 2015Early warnings and missed alarms for abrupt monsoon transitions  Thomas, Zoe Amber; Kwasniok, Frank; Boulton, Christopher Andrew; et al.
    1 September 2016Early-warning indicators for rate-induced tipping  Ritchie, P; Sieber, J
    8 January 2020Eastward shift and extension of ENSO-induced tropical precipitation anomalies under global warming  Yan, Z; Wu, B; Li, T; et al.
    25 September 2019Echo State Networks with Self-Normalizing Activations on the Hyper-Sphere  Verzelli, P; Alippi, C; Livi, L
    1 June 2016Eco-hydromorphic Classification for Understanding Stream Macroinvertebrate Biodiversity in Brunei Darussalam, Northern Borneo  Baker, K; Chadwick, M; Sulaiman, Z
    2016Economic Implications of Water Efficiency Measures I: Methodology and Cost Effectiveness of Micro-components  Fidar, A; Memon, FA; Butler, D
    2016Economic implications of water efficiency measures II: cost effectiveness of composite strategies  Fidar, A; Memon, FA; Butler, D
    2016Economic Implications of Water Efficiency Measures II: Cost Effectiveness of Composite Strategies  Fidar, A; Memon, FA; Butler, D
    23 October 2020Economic operational analytics for energy storage placement at different grid locations and contingency scenarios with stochastic wind profiles  Panda, DK; Das, S
    1 January 2015Economic performance of DMAs in water distribution systems  Ferrari, G; Savic, D
    2015Economical carbon and cellulosic sheet moulding compounds for semi- and non-structural applications  Evans, Kenneth E.; Brookbank, Paul A.; Savage, Luke
    23 March 2017Ecosystem evolution mechanism of manufacturing service system driven by service providers  Zhang, W; Shi, Y; Yang, M; et al.