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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    21 April 2014Jarzynski equality for a gas particle driven out of equilibrium  Philbin, TG; Anders, J
    1 May 2019JCMT BISTRO survey: Magnetic Fields within the Hub-Filament Structure in IC 5146  Wang, J-W; Lai, S-P; Eswaraiah, C; et al.
    1 October 2016JCMT in the new era  Hatchell, J; Ward-Thompson, D
    17 September 2013Jet interaction and the influence of a minimum phase speed bound on the propagation of eddies  O'Rourke, AK; Vallis, GK
    1 March 2018Jet-nebulizer-spray coated copper zinc tin sulphide film for low cost platinum-free electrocatalyst in solar cells  David, K; Sudhagar, P; Ravi, D; et al.
    1 May 2015Joint relay scheduling, channel access, and power allocation for green cognitive radio communications  Luo, Chunbo; Min, Geyong; Yu, FR; et al.
    20 August 2020Joint Route Selection and Charging Discharging Scheduling of EVs in V2G Energy Network  Liu, P; Wang, C; Hu, J; et al.
    8 December 2016Joule heating effects in nanoscale carbon-based memory devices  Bachmann, TA; Alexeev, AM; Koelmans, WW; et al.
    11 March 2020JULES-BE: representation of bioenergy crops and harvesting in the Joint UK Land Environment Simulator vn5.1  Littleton, EW; Harper, AB; Vaughan, NE; et al.
    7 February 2020JULES-GL7: The Global Land configuration of the Joint UK Land Environment Simulator version 7.0 and 7.2  Wiltshire, AJ; Duran Rojas, MC; Edwards, JM; et al.
    21 October 2016Junctophilin-2 in the nanoscale organisation and functional signalling of ryanodine receptor clusters in cardiomyocytes  Munro, ML; Jayasinghe, ID; Wang, Q; et al.
    11 December 2015Jurassic climate mode governed by ocean gateway  Korte, C; Hesselbo, Stephen P.; Ullmann, CV; et al.
    2000Jurassic sequences of the Hebrides Basin, Isle of Skye, Scotland.  Hesselbo, Stephen P.; Coe, AL