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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    18 March 2017Karreriella perforata n. sp. : a new Pliocene agglutinated benthic foraminifer with a perforated wall structure from the southern Bering Sea  Kaminski, MA; Kender, S
    2013Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability of the CME Reconnection Outflow Layer in the Low Corona  Foullon, Claire; Verwichte, E.; Nykyri, Katariina; et al.
    2010Kelvin-Helmholtz multi-spacecraft studies at the Earth's magnetopause boundaries  Foullon, Claire; Farrugia, Charles J.; Owen, Christopher J.; et al.
    22 May 2019Kelvin-Helmholtz Waves Magnetic Curvature and Vorticity: Four-spacecraft Cluster Observations  Kieokaew, R; Foullon, C
    1 December 2013Kernel of the monodromy operator for semistable curves  Di Proietto, V
    18 November 2019Key drivers of cloud response to surface-active organics  Lowe, SJ; Partridge, DG; Davies, JF; et al.
    24 September 2020Key process mineralogy parameters for rare earth fluorcarbonate-bearing carbonatite deposits: the example of Songwe Hill, Malawi  Al-Ali, S; Wall, F; Fitzpatrick, R; et al.
    12 August 2020Key questions for modelling COVID-19 exit strategies  Thompson, RN; Hollingsworth, TD; Isham, V; et al.
    2014Kinematic characteristics of motion in the mirror game  Slowinski, Piotr; Rooke, E; Di Bernardo, Mario; et al.
    2001Kinematic dynamo action in large magnetic Reynolds number flows driven by shear and convection  Ponty, Y.; Gilbert, Andrew D.; Soward, Andrew M.
    16 November 2020Kisspeptin receptor agonist has therapeutic potential for female reproductive disorders  Abbara, A; Eng, PC; Phylactou, M; et al.
    2008Klein backscattering and Fabry-Pérot interference in graphene heterojunctions  Shytov, A.V.; Rudner, M.S.; Levitov, L.S.
    2015Klein tunneling, contact doping, and pn-interfaces in gated suspended graphene  Laitinen, Antti; Paraoanu, G.S.; Oksanen, Mika; et al.
    29 November 2019Knowledge-based multi-objective genetic algorithms for the design of water distribution networks  Johns, M; Keedwell, E; Savic, D
    24 July 2014Kriging based Surrogate Modeling for Fractional Order Control of Microgrids  Pan, I; Das, S
    11 April 2016Kriging-based black-box global optimization: analysis and new algorithms  Mohammadi, H
    7 December 2009Ks-Band Detection of Thermal Emission and Color Constraints to CoRoT-1b: A Low-Albedo Planet with Inefficient Atmospheric Energy Redistribution and a Temperature Inversion  Rogers, Justin C.; Apai, Daniel; Lopez-Morales, M.; et al.