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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    12 August 2019n-dimensional Quadrature  Wingate, BA
    1 September 2017Nano-enhanced phase change material for thermal management of BICPV  Sharma, S; Micheli, L; Chang, W; et al.
    13 October 2016Nanohelices as superlattices: Bloch oscillations and electric dipole transitions  Downing, CA; Robinson, MG; Portnoi, ME
    27 November 2017Nanoparticulate peptide delivery exclusively to the brain produces tolerance free analgesia  Godfrey, L; Iannitelli, A; Garrett, NL; et al.
    21 February 2019Nanoscale design of the local density of optical states  Mignuzzi, S; Vezzoli, S; Horsley, SAR; et al.
    11 August 2015Nanoscale Electromagnetic Compatibility: Quantum Coupling and Matching in Nanocircuits  Slepyan, GY; Boag, A; Mordachev, V; et al.
    1 November 2017Nanoscale Properties of Human Telomeres Measured with a Dual Purpose X-ray Fluorescence and Super Resolution Microscopy Gold Nanoparticle Probe  Jeynes, JCG; Geraki, K; Jeynes, C; et al.
    2012Nanoscale spin wave valve and phase shifter  Au, Y.; Dvornik, Mykola; Dmytriiev, O.; et al.
    4 August 2015Nanoscale switch for vortex polarization mediated by Bloch core formation in magnetic hybrid systems.  Wohlhüter, P; Bryan, MT; Warnicke, P; et al.
    4 May 2014Nanoscale temperature measurements using non-equilibrium Brownian dynamics of a levitated nanosphere  Millen, J; Deesuwan, T; Barker, P; et al.
    7 October 2014Nanoscale zero-valent iron particles for the remediation of plutonium and uranium contaminated solutions  Crane, RA; Dickinson, M; Scott, TB
    16 May 2020Nanostructured porous graphene for efficient removal of emerging contaminants (pharmaceuticals) from water  Khalil, AMK; Memon, F; Tabish, TA; et al.
    2003National Innovation, Industrial Policy and Renewable Energy Technology  Connor, Peter M.
    1 May 2012National Policy Framework for Marine Renewable Energy within the United Kingdom  Vantoch-Wood, Angus R.; de Groot, Jiska; Connor, Peter M.; et al.
    2020Natural attenuation of lead by microbial manganese oxides in a karst aquifer  Newsome, L; Bacon, CGD; Song, H; et al.
    20 January 2020Natural drivers of multidecadal Arctic sea ice variability over the last millennium  Halloran, PR; Hall, IR; Menary, M; et al.
    1 October 2013Natural, persistent oscillations in a spatial multi-strain disease system with application to dengue.  Lourenço, José; Recker, Mario
    15 September 2014Navigating the Valley of Death: Reducing Reliability Uncertainties for Marine Renewable Energy  Weller, S.D.; Thies, Philipp R.; Gordelier, Tessa; et al.
    25 January 2017Near-field emission profiling of Rainforest and Cerrado fires in Brazil during SAMBBA 2012  Hodgson, AK; Morgan, WT; O'Shea, S; et al.
    24 April 2018Near-field emission profiling of tropical forest and Cerrado fires in Brazil during SAMBBA 2012  Hodgson, AK; Morgan, WT; O'Shea, S; et al.