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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    3 February 2020V346 Nor: the post-outburst life of a peculiar young eruptive star  Kóspál, Á; Szabó, ZM; Ábrahám, P; et al.
    27 June 2016V346 Normae: First post-outburst observations of an FU Orionis star  Kraus, S; Caratti o Garatti, A.; Garcia-Lopez, R.; et al.
    22 October 2018Validating a rapid assessment framework for screening surface water flood risk  Webber, J; Booth, G; Gunasekara, R; et al.
    7 June 2016Validating weather and climate models at small Rossby numbers: including a boundary layer  Beare, RJ; Cullen, MJP
    16 June 2019Validation of a Coupled CFD Model for Evaluating Floating Tidal Systems  Brown, SA; Ransley, EJ; Greaves, DM; et al.
    1 January 2017Value uncaptured perspective for sustainable business model innovation  Yang, M; Evans, S; Vladimirova, D; et al.
    1 January 2012Variability of disk emission in pre-main sequence and related stars. II. Variability in the gas and dust emission of the Herbig Fe star SAO 206462  Sitko, ML; Day, AN; Kimes, RL; et al.
    9 November 2017Variable dynamics in the inner disk of HD 135344B revealed with multi-epoch scattered light imaging  Stolker, T; Sitko, M; Lazareff, B; et al.
    31 August 2016Variable interaction in multi-objective optimization problems  Li, K; Omidvar, M; Deb, K; et al.
    2010Variable interactions and exploring parameter space in an expensive optimisation problem: Optimising Short Term Conflict Alert  Reckhouse, William; Fieldsend, Jonathan E.; Everson, Richard M.
    1997Variable-phase method and Levinson's theorem in two dimensions: Application to a screened Coulomb potential  Portnoi, M.E.; Galbraith, I.
    14 August 2013Variance estimation for Brier Score decomposition  Siegert, S
    23 October 2015Variation of fundamental groups of curves in positive characteristics  Saidi, Mohamed; Tamagawa, Akio
    2013Variational Bayesian tracking: whole track convergence for large scale ecological video monitoring  Christmas, JT; Everson, RM; Rodriguez-Munoz, R; et al.
    6 November 2014Variations of the stellar initial mass function in the progenitors of massive early-type galaxies and in extreme starburst environments  Chabrier, G; Hennebelle, P; Charlot, P
    15 April 2016Varying the performance of helical auxetic yarns by altering component properties and geometry  Zhang, G; Ghita, O; Lin, C; et al.
    13 July 2018Vegetation distribution and terrestrial carbon cycle in a carbon cycle configuration of JULES4.6 with new plant functional types  Harper, AB; Wiltshire, AJ; Cox, PM; et al.
    1 December 2016Vehicular-Publish/Subscribe (V-P/S) communication enabled on-the-move EV charging management.  Cao, Y; Miao, Y; Min, G; et al.
    22 October 2018Verification and benchmarking methodology for O&M planning and optimization tools in the offshore renewable energy sector  Giovanni, R; Pillai, A; Thies, P; et al.
    15 February 2018Verification of a Rapid Mooring and Foundation Design Tool  Weller, SD; Hardwick, J; Gomez, S; et al.