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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2010A Bayesian Framework for Active Learning  Fredlund, Richard; Everson, Richard M.; Fieldsend, Jonathan E.
    20 July 2012CADDIES: A New Framework for Rapid Development of Parallel Cellular Automata Algorithms for Flood Simulation  Guidolin, Michele; Duncan, Andrew; Ghimire, Bidur; et al.
    1998Coastal landsliding in Cornwall, UK: mechanisms, modelling and implications  Shail, RK; Coggan, John; Stead, Doug
    2008Comparison of control strategies for multi-objective control of urban wastewater systems  Fu, Guangtao; Butler, David; Khu, Soon-Thiam
    2008Computational fluid dynamics as a tool for urban drainage system analysis: a review of applications and best practice  Jarman, D.S.; Faram, M.G.; Butler, David; et al.
    2012The development of a flood damage assessment tool for urban areas  Hammond, Michael J.; Chen, Albert S.; Djordjevic, Slobodan; et al.
    2010Development of a marine component testing facility for marine energy converters  Thies, Philipp R.; Johanning, Lars
    2012Flood damage assessment in Dhaka City  Khan, David M.; Rahman, S.M.M.; Haque, A.K.E.; et al.
    2012Flood Damage Assessment in Taipei City Taiwan  Hsu, Ming-Hsi; Tsai, Meng-Yuan; Lin, Yi-Chieh; et al.
    2012Flood Vulnerability and Risk Maps in Taipei City, Taiwan  Lin, Yi-Chieh; Hsu, Ming-Hsi; Chang, Tsang-Jung; et al.
    2004Microwaves: thin metal slits and liquid crystals  Sambles, J. Roy; Hibbins, Alastair P.; Kelly, Robert J.; et al.
    2008Multiobjective optimisation of urban wastewater systems using ParEGO: a comparison with NSGA II  Fu, Guangtao; Khu, Soon-Thiam; Butler, David
    2010Phase-change technologies: from PCRAM to probe-storage to processors  Wright, C. David; Ashawaraya, S.; Ashwin, Peter; et al.
    2008A pilot study into attitudes towards and perceptions of rainwater harvesting in the UK  Ward, Sarah; Butler, David; Memon, Fayyaz
    2008Rainwater harvesting: model-based design evaluation  Ward, Sarah; Memon, Fayyaz; Butler, David
    2008The relationship between sewer flood volume and receiving water quality in an integrated urban wastewater system  Butler, David; Fu, Guangtao; Khu, Soon-Thiam
    1 September 2009Reliability assessment and criticality analysis for Wave Energy Converters  Thies, Philipp R.; Flinn, Jonathan; Smith, George H.
    2008Sensitivity analysis of surface runoff generation for pluvial urban flooding  Adeyemo, O.J.; Maksimovic, Cedo; Booyan-Aronnet, S.; et al.
    2008Surface plasmons on metamaterials  Hibbins, Alastair P.; Lockyear, Matthew J.; Sambles, J. Roy
    2008Transmission of microwave radiation through a sub-wavelength slit with internal structure  Lockyear, Matthew J.; Hibbins, Alastair P.; Sambles, J. Roy