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  • Aspects of structural health and condition monitoring of offshore wind turbines 

    Antoniadou, I; Dervilis, N; Papatheou, E; Maguire, AE; Worden, K (Royal Society, 2015-02-28)
    Wind power has expanded significantly over the past years, although reliability of wind turbine systems, especially of offshore wind turbines, has been many times unsatisfactory in the past. Wind turbine failures are ...
  • A Performance Monitoring Approach for the Novel Lillgrund Offshore Wind Farm 

    Papatheou, E; Dervilis, N; Maguire, AE; Antoniadou, I; Worden, K (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2015-07-05)
    The use of offshore wind farms has been growing in recent years. Europe is presenting a geometrically growing interest in exploring and investing in such offshore power plants as the continent's water sites offer impressive ...
  • Performance monitoring of a wind turbine using extreme function theory 

    Papatheou, E; Dervilis, N; Maguire, AE; Campos, C; Antoniadou, I; Worden, K (Elsevier, 2017-07-05)
    A power curve relates the power produced by a wind turbine to the wind speed. Usually, such curves are unique to the various types of wind turbines, so that by monitoring the power curves, one may monitor the performance ...