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  • Microwave transmissivity of a metamaterial–dielectric stack 

    Butler, Celia A.M.; Parsons, James; Sambles, J. Roy; Hibbins, Alastair P.; Hobson, Peter A. (American Institute of Physics, 2009)
    A metamaterial layer comprising of a conducting square mesh surrounding subwavelength holes has a largely pure imaginary effective refractive index. We explore the microwave transmissivity of a stack of such metamaterial ...
  • Resonant microwave transmission from a double layer of subwavelength metal square arrays: Evanescent handedness 

    Butler, Celia A.M.; Hobson, Peter A.; Hibbins, Alastair P.; Sambles, J. Roy (American Physical Society, 2012)
    A double layer of identical subwavelength metal patch arrays is experimentally shown to be electromagnetically chiral due to the evanescent coupling of the near fields between nonchiral layers—it exhibits “evanescent ...
  • Strong exciton–photon coupling in a low-Q all-metal mirror microcavity 

    Hobson, Peter A.; Barnes, William L.; Lidzey, D. G.; Gehring, G. A.; Whittaker, D. M.; Skolnick, M. S.; Walker, S. (American Institute of Physics, 2002)
    We report the experimental observation of strong exciton–photon coupling in a planar microcavity composed of an organic semiconductor positioned between two metallic (silver) mirrors. Via transmission and reflectivity ...
  • Thin resonant structures for angle and polarization independent microwave absorption 

    Lockyear, Matthew J.; Hibbins, Alastair P.; Sambles, J. Roy; Hobson, Peter A.; Lawrence, Christopher R. (American Institute of Physics, 2009)
    We present a microwave absorbing structure comprised of an array of subwavelength radius copper disks, closely spaced from a ground plane by a low loss dielectric. Experiments and accompanying modeling demonstrate that ...