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  • Differences between Doppler velocities of ions and neutral atoms in a solar prominence 

    Anan, T; Ichimoto, K; Hillier, AS (EDP Sciences, 2017-05-15)
    Context. In astrophysical systems with partially ionized plasma the motion of ions is governed by the magnetic field while the neutral particles can only feel the magnetic field’s Lorentz force indirectly through collisions ...
  • Investigating prominence turbulence with Hinode SOT Dopplergrams 

    Hillier, AS; Matsumoto, T; Ichimoto, K (EDP Sciences for European Southern Observatory (ESO), 2016-10-10)
    Quiescent prominences host a diverse range of flows, including Rayleigh-Taylor instability driven upflows and impulsive downflows, and so it is no surprise that turbulent motions also exist. As prominences are believed to ...