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  • OGLE-2005-BLG-018: Characterization of Full Physical and Orbital Parameters of a Gravitational Binary Lens 

    Shin, I-G; Udalski, A; Han, C; Gould, A; Dominik, M; Fouque, P; Kubiak, M; Szymanski, MK; Pietrzynki, G; Soszynski, I; Ulaczyk, K; Wyrzykowski, L; DePoy, DL; Dong, S; Gaudi, BS; Lee, C-U; Park, B-G; Pogge, RW; Albrow, MD; Allan, A; Beaulieu, JP; Bennett, DP; Bode, M; Bramich, DM; Brillant, S; Burgadorf, M; Caldwell, JAR; Calitz, H; Cassan, A; Cook, KH; Corrales, E; Coutures, C; Desort, N; Dieters, S; Prester, DD; Donatowicz, J; Fraser, SN; Greenhill, J; Hill, K; Hoffman, M; Horne, K; Jorgensen, UG; Kane, SR; Kubas, D; Marquette, JB; Martin, R; Meintjes, P; Menzies, J; Mottram, C; Naylor, T; Pollard, KR; Sahu, KC; Snodgrass, C; Steele, I; Vinter, C; Wambsganss, J; Williams, A; Woller, K (American Astronomical Society / IOP Publishing, 2011-06-20)
    We present the analysis result of a gravitational binary-lensing event OGLE-2005-BLG-018. The light curve of the event is characterized by 2 adjacent strong features and a single weak feature separated from the strong ...