Planetary transit candidates in CoRoT-LRc01 field

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Planetary transit candidates in CoRoT-LRc01 field

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Title: Planetary transit candidates in CoRoT-LRc01 field
Author: Cabrera, J.
Fridlund, M.
Ollivier, M.
Gandolfi, D.
Csizmadia, Sz.
Alonso, R.
Aigrain, Suzanne
Alapini, Aude
Almenara, J.-M.
Barge, P.
Bonomo, A. S.
Bordé, P.
Bouchy, F.
Bruntt, H.
Carone, L.
Carpano, S.
Deeg, H. J.
De la Reza, R.
Deleuil, M.
Dvorak, R.
Erikson, A.
Gillon, M.
Gondoin, P.
Guenther, E. W.
Guillot, T.
Hartmann, M.
Hatzes, A.
Hébrard, G.
Jorda, L.
Lammer, H.
Léger, A.
Llebaria, A.
Lovis, C.
Magain, P.
Mayor, M.
Mazeh, T.
Moutou, C.
Ofir, A.
Pätzold, M.
Pepe, F.
Pont, F.
Queloz, D.
Rabus, M.
Rauer, H.
Régulo, C.
Renner, S.
Rouan, D.
Samuel, B.
Santerne, A.
Schneider, J.
Shporer, A.
Stecklum, B.
Tingley, B.
Udry, S.
Wuchterl, G.
Citation: 506 (1), pp. 501-517
Publisher: EDP Sciences
Journal: Astronomy and Astrophysics
Date Issued: 2009
DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/200912684
Abstract: Aims. We present here the list of planetary transit candidates detected in the first long run observed by CoRoT: LRc01, towards the galactic center in the direction of Aquila, which lasted from May to October 2007. Methods. we analyzed 3719 (33%) sources in the chromatic bands and 7689 in the monochromatic band. Instrumental noise and the stellar variability were treated with several detrending tools, on which subsequently several transit search algorithms were applied. Results. Forty two sources were classified as planetary transit candidates and up to now 26 cases have been solved. One planet (CoRoT-2b) and one brown-dwarf (CoRoT-3b) have been the subjects of detailed publications.
Type: Article
Description: Copyright © The European Southern Observatory (ESO)
Keywords: photometric techniquesradial velocities techniquesspectroscopic techniquesstarsplanetary systems
ISSN: 0004-63611432-0746

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