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  • Effects of frozen soil on soil temperature, spring infiltration, and runoff: results from the PILPS 2(d) experiment at Valdai, Russia 

    Luo, Lifeng; Robock, Alan; Vinnikov, Konstantin Y.; Schlosser, C. Adam; Slater, Andrew G.; Boone, Aaron; Braden, Harald; Cox, Peter M.; De Rosnay, Patricia; Dickinson, Robert E.; Dai, Yongjiu; Duan, Qingyun; Etchevers, Pierre; Henderson-Sellers, Ann; Gedney, Nicola; Gusev, Yevgeniy M.; Habets, Florence; Kim, Jinwon; Kowalczyk, Eva; Mitchell, Ken; Nasonova, Olga N.; Noilhan, Joel; Pitman, Andrew; Schaake, John; Shmakin, Andrey B.; Smirnova, Tatiana G.; Wetzel, Peter; Xue, Yongkang; Yang, Zong-Liang; Zeng, Qing-Cun (American Meteorological Society, 2009-12-18)
    The Project for Intercomparison of Land-Surface Parameterization Schemes phase 2(d) experiment at Valdai, Russia, offers a unique opportunity to evaluate land surface schemes, especially snow and frozen soil parameterizations. ...