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  • Sensing using differential surface plasmon ellipsometry 

    Hooper, Ian R.; Sambles, J. Roy (American Institute of Physics, 2004)
    In this work a differential ellipsometric method utilizing surface plasmons (SPs) for monitoring refractive index changes, which could be used in chemical and biological sensors, is presented. The method is based upon ...
  • Simultaneous ultrafast probing of intramolecular vibrations and photoinduced charge carriers in rubrene using broadband time-domain THz spectroscopy 

    Koeberg, Mattijs; Hendry, Euan; Schins, Juleon M.; van Laarhoven, Hendrik A.; Flipse, Cees F. J.; Reimann, Klaus; Woerner, Michael; Elsaesser, Thomas; Bonn, Mischa (American Physical Society, 2007)
    We determine the ultrafast frequency- and time-resolved complex dielectric responses of photoexcited, single-crystal rubrene in the frequency range of 10–30 THz (330–1000 cm−1) using ultrafast broadband THz spectroscopy. ...
  • Slow waves caused by cuts perpendicular to a single subwavelength slit in metal 

    Suckling, James R.; Sambles, J. Roy (Institute of Physics and Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, 2007)
    Resonant transmission of microwaves through a subwavelength slit in a thick metal plate, into which subwavelength cuts have been made, is explored. Two orientations of the cuts, parallel and perpendicular to the long axis ...
  • Smoothed particle magnetohydrodynamic simulations of protostellar outflows with misaligned magnetic field and rotation axes (Dataset) 

    Price, Daniel J.; Bate, Matthew R.; Lewis, Benjamin T. (University of Exeter (dataset) / Oxford University Press (paper), 2015-05-01)
    This is the dataset that was used to produce the paper published in MNRAS. Included are the binary dump files from each of the simulations in the paper and two utilities that can be used to produce an ASCII file detailing ...
  • Some considerations on the transmissivity of thin metal films 

    Hooper, Ian R.; Sambles, J. Roy (Optical Society of America, 2008)
    As interest in plasmonics grows the optical properties of thin metal films becomes increasingly significant. Here we explore the transmissivity of thin metal films at normal incidence, from the ultraviolet to microwaves, ...
  • Spin-orbit misalignment in the HD 80606 planetary system 

    Pont, F.; Hébrard, G.; Irwin, J. M.; Bouchy, F.; Moutou, C.; Ehrenreich, D.; Guillot, T.; Aigrain, Suzanne; Bonfils, X.; Berta, Z.; Boisse, I.; Burke, C.; Charbonneau, D.; Delfosse, X.; Desort, M.; Eggenberger, A.; Forveille, T.; Lagrange, A.-M.; Lovis, C.; Nutzman, P.; Pepe, F.; Perrier, C.; Queloz, D.; Santos, N.C.; Ségransan, D.; Udry, S.; Vidal-Madjar, A. (EDP Sciences, 2009)
    We recently reported the photometric and spectroscopic detection of the primary transit of the 111-day-period, eccentric extra-solar planet HD80606b, at Observatoire de Haute-Provence, France. The whole egress of the primary ...
  • Spiral galaxy simulation 

    Dobbs, Clare (University of Exeter, 2012-07)
    file from simulation
  • Squeezing millimeter waves into microns 

    Hibbins, Alastair P.; Sambles, J. Roy; Lawrence, Christopher R.; Brown, James R. (American Physical Society, 2004)
    Microstructured metallic devices will play a vital role in the continuing search to manipulate the passage of electromagnetic radiation relevant to optical, microwave, and communication technologies. Here, we investigate ...
  • The statistical properties of stars and their dependence on metallicity: The effects of opacity 

    Bate, Matthew R. (Oxford University Press for Royal Astronomical Society, 2014)
    We report the statistical properties of stars and brown dwarfs obtained from four radiation hydrodynamical simulations of star cluster formation that resolve masses down to the opacity limit for fragmentation. The calculations ...
  • The statistical properties of stars and their dependence on metallicity: the effects of opacity - Dataset 

    Bate, Matthew R. (University of Exeter (dataset)Oxford University Press (paper), 2014-04-29)
    This is the dataset that was used to produce the paper published in MNRAS. It contains the output from each of the SPH simulations, including dump files and the scripts used to generate the figures for the paper.
  • Strong coupling between surface plasmon-polaritons and organic molecules in subwavelength hole arrays 

    Dintinger, J.; Klein, S.; Bustos, F.; Barnes, William L.; Ebbesen, T. W. (American Physical Society, 2005)
    The interaction of a J-aggregate and surface plasmon polariton modes of a subwavelength hole array have been studied in detail. By measuring the effects of hole array period, angular dispersion and concentration of the ...
  • Strong exciton–photon coupling in a low-Q all-metal mirror microcavity 

    Hobson, Peter A.; Barnes, William L.; Lidzey, D. G.; Gehring, G. A.; Whittaker, D. M.; Skolnick, M. S.; Walker, S. (American Institute of Physics, 2002)
    We report the experimental observation of strong exciton–photon coupling in a planar microcavity composed of an organic semiconductor positioned between two metallic (silver) mirrors. Via transmission and reflectivity ...
  • Strongly coupled surface plasmons on thin shallow metallic gratings 

    Chen, Z.; Hooper, Ian R.; Sambles, J. Roy (American Physical Society, 2008)
    The optical response of a thin metallic film with shallow corrugations on both surfaces is explored and the structure is found to support a strongly coupled surface plasmon polariton when transverse magnetic radiation is ...
  • Surface plasmon mediated transmission of subwavelength slits at THz frequencies 

    Isaac, Thomas Henry; Gómez Rivas, J.; Sambles, J. Roy; Barnes, William L.; Hendry, Euan (American Physical Society, 2008)
    We present measurements and a numerical modeling that elucidate the role of surface plasmons in the resonant transmission of a subwavelength slit in a conducting material. By using THz time domain spectroscopy, we determine ...
  • Surface Plasmon Polaritons and Their Role in the Enhanced Transmission of Light through Periodic Arrays of Subwavelength Holes in a Metal Film 

    Barnes, William L.; Murray, W. Andrew; Dintinger, J.; Devaux, E.; Ebbesen, T. W. (American Physical Society, 2004)
    We present results of the transmitted, reflected, and absorbed power associated with the enhanced transmittance of light through a silver film pierced by a periodic array of subwavelength holes. Comparing experimentally ...
  • Surface plasmon polaritons on deep, narrow-ridged rectangular gratings 

    Gadsdon, Martyn Richard; Hooper, Ian R.; Hibbins, Alastair P.; Sambles, J. Roy (Optical Society of America, 2009)
    The dispersion diagrams of surface plasmon polaritons have been calculated for rectangular gratings, with very narrow wires, of varying depths. For gratings with a moderate height a family of vertical-standing-wave resonances ...
  • Surface plasmon polaritons on narrow-ridged short-pitch metal gratings 

    Hooper, Ian R.; Sambles, J. Roy (American Physical Society, 2002)
    The reflectivity of short pitch metal gratings consisting of a series of narrow Gaussian ridges in the classical mount has been modeled as a function of frequency and in-plane wave vector (the plane of incidence containing ...
  • Surface plasmon polaritons on thin-slab metal gratings 

    Hooper, Ian R.; Sambles, J. Roy (American Physical Society, 2003)
    In a recently published paper [U. Schröter and D. Heitmann, Phys. Rev. B 60, 4992 (1999)] an unexpected result occurred when light was incident upon a periodically corrugated thin metal film when the corrugations on the ...
  • Surface plasmon-polariton mediated emission from phosphorescent dendrimer light-emitting diodes 

    Yates, C. J.; Samuel, I. D. W.; Burn, P. L.; Wedge, S.; Barnes, William L. (American Institute of Physics, 2006)
    We present experimental results showing electroluminescence from a dendrimer based organic light-emitting diode (OLED) mediated via surface plasmon polariton (SPP) modes. A combination of angle dependent electroluminescence, ...
  • Surface plasmon-polariton study of the optical dielectric function of titanium nitride 

    Hibbins, Alastair P.; Sambles, J. Roy; Lawrence, Christopher R. (Taylor & Francis, 1998)
    This work presents the first detailed study of the optical dielectric function of optically thick TiNx films using grating coupling of radiation to surface plasmon-polaritons. Angle-dependent reflectivities are obtained ...