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  • Artificial light alters natural regimes of night-time sky brightness 

    Davies, Thomas W.; Bennie, Jonathan; Inger, Richard; Gaston, Kevin J. (Nature Publishing Group, 2013)
    Artificial light is globally one of the most widely distributed forms of anthropogenic pollution. However, while both the nature and ecological effects of direct artificial lighting are increasingly well documented, those ...
  • Artificial light at night alters grassland vegetation species composition and phenology (dataset) 

    Bennie, J; Davies, TW; Cruse, D; Bell, F; Gaston, KJ (University of Exeter, 2017-04-13)
    This dataset is associated with the paper "Artificial light at night alters grassland vegetation species composition and phenology" in Journal of Applied Ecology
  • Artificial light at night alters grassland vegetation species composition and phenology (journal article) 

    Bennie, J; Davies, TW; Cruse, D; Bell, F; Gaston, KJ (Wiley for British Ecological Society, 2017-04-28)
    Human settlements and transport networks are growing rapidly worldwide. Since the early 20th century their expansion has been accompanied by increasing illumination of the environment at night, a trend that is likely to ...
  • Artificial night-time light alters trophic interactions of intertidal invertebrates 

    Underwood, CN; Davies, TW; Queirós, AM (Wiley for British Ecological Society, 2017-04-27)
    Summary 1. Despite being globally widespread in coastal regions, the impacts of light pollution on intertidal ecosystems has received little attention. Intertidal species exhibit many night-time dependent ecological ...
  • Artificial nighttime light changes aphid-parasitoid population dynamics 

    Sanders, D; Kehoe, R; Tiley, K; Bennie, J; Cruse, D; Davies, TW; Frank van Veen, FJ; Gaston, KJ (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-10-16)
    Artificial light at night (ALAN) is recognized as a widespread and increasingly important anthropogenic environmental pressure on wild species and their interactions. Understanding of how these impacts translate into changes ...
  • Artificial selection reveals the energetic expense of producing larger eggs 

    Pick, JL; Hutter, P; Ebneter, C; Ziegler, A-K; Giordano, M; Tschirren, B (BioMed Central / Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft, 2016-08-23)
    BACKGROUND: The amount of resources provided by the mother before birth has important and long-lasting effects on offspring fitness. Despite this, there is a large amount of variation in maternal investment seen in natural ...
  • Artificially lit surface of Earth at night increasing in radiance and extent 

    Kyba, CCM; Kuester, T; Sanchez de Miguel, A; Baugh, K; Jechow, A; Holker, F; Bennie, J; Elvidge, CD; Gaston, KJ; Guanter, L; Gaston, KJ (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2017-11-22)
    A central aim of the “lighting revolution” (the transition to solid-state lighting technology) is decreased energy consumption. This could be undermined by a rebound effect of increased use in response to lowered cost of ...
  • Artistry and analysis: student experiences of UK practice-based doctorates in art and design 

    Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn (Taylor and Francis: Routledge, 2005-11)
    During the last decade, doctoral education has been the focus of much international academic attention. This period has also witnessed the rapid growth of practice-based research degrees in art and design in the UK. To ...
  • Ascorbate deficiency influences the leaf cell wall glycoproteome in Arabidopsis thaliana 

    Sultana, N; Florance, Hannah; Johns, A; Smirnoff, Nicholas (Wiley, 2014-01-06)
    The cell wall forms the first line of interaction between the plant and the external environment. Based on the observation that ascorbate-deficient vtc mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana have increased cell wall peroxidase ...
  • Ascorbate-Deficient vtc2 Mutants in Arabidopsis Do Not Exhibit Decreased Growth 

    Lim, B; Smirnoff, N; Cobbett, CS; Goltz, JF (Frontiers Media, 2016-07-13)
    In higher plants the L-galactose pathway represents the major route for ascorbate biosynthesis. The first committed step of this pathway is catalyzed by the enzyme GDP-L-galactose phosphorylase and is encoded by two paralogs ...
  • Ascorbic Acid Metabolism in Pea Seedlings. A Comparison of d-Glucosone, l-Sorbosone, and l-Galactono-1,4-Lactone as Ascorbate Precursors1 

    Pallanca, Jane E.; Smirnoff, Nicholas (American Society of Plant Physiologists, 1999-06)
  • Asking about the future: methodological insights from energy biographies 

    Shirani, Fiona; Parkhill, Karen; Butler, Catherine; Groves, Chris; Pidgeon, Nick; Henwood, Karen (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2015-04-23)
    Temporality is fundamental to qualitative longitudinal (QLL) research, inherent in the design of returning to participants over time, often to explore moments of change. Previous research has indicated that talking about ...
  • Aspects of natural conversation in primary progressive aphasia 

    Taylor-Rubin, C; Croot, K; Power, E; Savage, SA; Hodges, JR; Togher, L (Wiley, 2016-07-18)
    Primary progressive aphasia (PPA) affects a range of language and cognitive domains that impact on conversation. Little is known about the nature of conversation breakdown in the semantic variant of PPA (svPPA, also known ...
  • Assessing a new clue to how much carbon plants take up 

    Campbell, JE; Kesselmeier, J; Yakir, D; Berry, JA; Peylin, P; Belviso, S; Vesala, T; Maseyk, K; Seibt, U; Chen, H; Whelan, ME; Hilton, TW; Montzka, SA; Berkelhammer, MB; Lennartz, ST; Kuai, L; Wohlfahrt, G; Wang, Y; Blake, NJ; Blake, DR; Stinecipher, J; Baker, I; Sitch, S (Wiley, 2017-01-05)
  • Assessing bundles of ecosystem services from regional to landscape scale: Insights from the French Alps 

    Crouzat, E; Mouchet, M; Turkelboom, F; Byczek, C; Meersmans, J; Berger, F; Verkerk, PJ; Lavorel, S (Wiley, 2015-07-31)
    Assessments of ecosystem services (ES) and biodiversity (hereafter ecological parameters) provide a comprehensive view of the links between landscapes, ecosystem functioning and human well-being. The investigation of ...
  • Assessing effects of increased noise levels on fish behaviour 

    Voellmy, IK; Purser, J; Simpson, SD; Radford, AN (EIMR/Tethys/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), 2014)
    Man-made noise can affect physiology and behaviour of animals of all taxa, including fish. However, there is not much known about effects of increased noise levels on anti-predator and foraging behaviour, which are both ...
  • Assessing inhibitory control in early-stage Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease using the Hayling Sentence Completion Test. 

    Martyr, A; Boycheva, E; Kudlicka, A (Wiley, 2017-06-20)
    The ability to inhibit irrelevant information is essential for coping with the demands of everyday life. Inhibitory deficits are present in all stages of dementia and commonly observed in people with Parkinson's disease ...
  • Assessing recent trends in high-latitude Southern Hemisphere surface climate 

    Jones, JM; Gille, ST; Goosse, H; Abram, NJ; Canziani, PO; Charman, DJ; Clem, KR; Crosta, X; De Lavergne, C; Eisenman, I; England, MH; Fogt, RL; Frankcombe, LM; Marshall, GJ; Masson-Delmotte, V; Morrison, AK; Orsi, AJ; Raphael, MN; Renwick, JA; Schneider, DP; Simpkins, GR; Steig, EJ; Stenni, B; Swingedouw, D; Vance, TR (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-09-28)
    Understanding the causes of recent climatic trends and variability in the high-latitude Southern Hemisphere is hampered by a short instrumental record. Here, we analyse recent atmosphere, surface ocean and sea-ice observations ...
  • Assessing the accuracy of quantitative molecular microbial profiling 

    O'Sullivan, DM; Laver, T; Temisak, S; Redshaw, N; Harris, KA; Foy, CA; Studholme, DJ; Huggett, JF (MDPI, 2014-11-21)
    The application of high-throughput sequencing in profiling microbial communities is providing an unprecedented ability to investigate microbiomes. Such studies typically apply one of two methods: amplicon sequencing using ...
  • Assessing the performance of the Oxford Nanopore Technologies MinION 

    Laver, T; Harrison, J; O'Neill, PA; Moore, K; Farbos, A; Paszkiewicz, K; Studholme, David J. (Elsevier, 2015-03-01)
    The Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) MinION is a new sequencing technology that potentially offers read lengths of tens of kilobases (kb) limited only by the length of DNA molecules presented to it. The device has a low ...