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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    5 March 2018The changing role of ornamental horticulture in alien plant invasions  van Kleunen, M; Essl, F; Pergl, J; et al.
    23 May 2018Community structure informs species geographic distributions  Montesinos-Navarro, A; Estrada, A; Font, X; et al.
    6 July 2018Conditions for successful range shifts under climate change -the role of species dispersal and landscape configuration  Arevall, J; Early, R; Estrada, A; et al.
    20 June 2017Equipped to cope with climate change: traits associated with range filling across European taxa  Estrada, A; Morales-Castilla, I; Meireles, C; et al.
    14 June 2017Evolvability meets biogeography: evolutionary potential decreases at high and low environmental favourability  Martinez Padilla, J; Estrada, A; Early, R; et al.
    9 November 2018Forecasting the global extent of invasion of the cereal pest Spodoptera frugiperda, the fall armyworm  Early, R; González-Moreno, P; Murphy, ST; et al.
    27 December 2018Geographically variable biotic interactions and implications for species ranges  Early, R; Keith, S
    23 August 2016Global threats from invasive alien species in the 21st Century and national response capacities  Early, R; Bradley, BA; Dukes, JS; et al.
    20 November 2017How complex should models be? Comparing correlative and mechanistic range dynamics models  Fordham, DA; Bertelsmeir, C; Brook, BW; et al.
    13 June 2017Integrating invasive species policies across ornamental horticulture supply-chains to prevent plant invasions  Early, R; Hulme, P; Brundu, B; et al.
    16 May 2018Species traits suggest European mammals facing the greatest climate change are also least able to colonise new locations  Morrison, L; Estrada, A; Early, R
    2 April 2018Sweet flowers are slow and weeds make haste: anthropogenic dispersal of plants via garden and construction soil  Robinson, B; Bennie, J; Early, R; et al.