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  • Significance testing testate amoeba water table reconstructions 

    Payne, RJ; Babeshko, KV; van Bellen, S; Blackford, JJ; Booth, RK; Charman, DJ; Ellershaw, MR; Gilbert, D; Hughes, PDM; Jassey, VEJ; Lamentowicz, Ł; Lamentowicz, M; Malysheva, EA; Mauquoy, D; Mazei, Y; Mitchell, EAD; Swindles, GT; Tsyganov, AN; Turner, TE; Telford, RJ (Elsevier, 2016-04-15)
    Transfer functions are valuable tools in palaeoecology, but their output may not always be meaningful. A recently-developed statistical test ('randomTF') offers the potential to distinguish among reconstructions which are ...