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  • Ecosystem heterogeneity determines the ecological resilience of the Amazon to climate change 

    Levine, NM; Zhang, K; Longo, M; Baccini, A; Phillips, OL; Lewis, SL; Alvarez-Dávila, E; Segalin de Andrade, AC; Brienen, RJ; Erwin, TL; Feldpausch, TR; Monteagudo Mendoza, AL; Nuñez Vargas, P; Prieto, A; Silva-Espejo, JE; Malhi, Y; Moorcroft, PR (National Academy of Sciences, 2015-12-28)
    Amazon forests, which store ∼50% of tropical forest carbon and play a vital role in global water, energy, and carbon cycling, are predicted to experience both longer and more intense dry seasons by the end of the 21st ...