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  • Worldwide variations in artificial skyglow 

    Kyba, CC; Tong, KP; Bennie, Jonathan; Birriel, I; Birriel, JJ; Cool, A; Danielsen, A; Davies, Thomas W.; Outer, PN; Edwards, W; Ehlert, R; Falchi, F; Fischer, J; Giacomelli, A; Giubbilini, F; Haaima, M; Hesse, C; Heygster, G; Hölker, F; Inger, Richard; Jensen, LJ; Kuechly, HU; Kuehn, J; Langill, P; Lolkema, DE; Nagy, M; Nievas, M; Ochi, N; Popow, E; Posch, T; Puschnig, J; Ruhtz, T; Schmidt, W; Schwarz, R; Schwope, A; Spoelstra, H; Tekatch, A; Trueblood, M; Walker, CE; Weber, M; Welch, DL; Zamorano, J; Gaston, Kevin J. (Nature Publishing Group, 2015)
    Despite constituting a widespread and significant environmental change, understanding of artificial nighttime skyglow is extremely limited. Until now, published monitoring studies have been local or regional in scope, and ...