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  • A novel approach to estimate the distribution, density and at-sea risks of a centrally-placed mobile marine vertebrate 

    Pikesley, SK; Agamboue, PD; Bayet, JP; Bibang, JN; Bonguno, EA; Boussamba, F; Broderick, AC; Coyne, MS; Du Plessis, P; Faure, FE; Fay, JM; Formia, A; Godley, BJ; Kema Kema, JR; Koumba Mabert, BD; Manfoumbi, JC; Mba Asseko, Georges; Metcalfe, K; Minton, G; Nelms, S; Ngouessono, S; Nzegoue, J; Ogandanga, C; Kouerey Oliwina, CK; Otsagha, F; Parnell, RJ; Schummer Gnandji, M; Sounguet, GP; Wada, M; White, L; Witt, MJ (Elsevier, 2018-03-21)
    Formulating management strategies for mobile marine species is challenging, as knowledge is required of distribution, density, and overlap with putative threats. As a step towards assimilating knowledge, ecological niche ...