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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    12 August 2009The Book of School Handwork  Holman, Henry
    12 August 2009The Boy Patrol on Guard  Ellis, Edward Sylvester
    16 July 2009The Broadway Glide  Brown, A. Seymour; Grant, Bert
    1 July 2009The Dodd Family Abroad Volume 1  Lever, Charles
    1 July 2009The Forest Exiles  Reid, Mayne
    7 July 2009The Good Wife's Cook Book  Unknown author
    7 July 2009The Heir of the Ages  Payn, James
    11 August 2009The History and Description of the Great Western Railway  Bourne, J.C.
    12 August 2009The Illustrated Exhibitor  Great Exhibition
    7 July 2009The Modern Housewife or Ménagère  Soyer, Alexis
    16 July 2009The Old Home's the Best After All  Darnley, Herbert
    1 July 2009The Pioneers  Ballantyne, R.M.
    1 July 2009The Pioneers  Ballantyne, R.M.
    1 July 2009The Rock Light  Hervey, Eleanora Louisa
    12 August 2009The Romance of Modern Engineering  Williams, Archibald
    11 August 2009The Silver Canon  Fenn, George Manville
    16 July 2009The Song That Will Live Forever  Browne, Tom; McGlennon, Felix
    11 August 2009The Subject Matter of a Course of Six Lectures on the Non-metallic Elements  Faraday, Michael
    15 July 2009Tales Illustrative of the Apostles' Creed  Neale, John Mason
    13 August 2009Tallis's Illustrated Scripture History for the Improvement of Youth  Gaspey, Thomas