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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    17 June 2009The Amateur Photographer's Annual 1892  Hazell, Watson and Viney Ltd.
    18 June 2009The Biograph in Battle: its Story in the South African War Related with Personal Experiences  T. Fisher Unwin; Dickson, W. K-L.
    19 June 2009The Boy Showman and Entertainer  George Routledge & Sons, Ltd.; Rose, A.
    19 June 2009The Boy's Own Book of Indoor Games and Recreations: an Instructive Manual of Home Amusements  "The Boy's Own Paper Office"; Adams, Morley
    15 June 2009The Coliseum, Regent's Park  Jones & Co.; Shepherd, Thomas H.
    24 June 2009The Colosseum, Regent's Park  Higham, Thomas; Parris, E.T.
    12 June 2009The Conquest of the Soudan: Gordon Avenged  J. Tamblyn; York & Son; Eaton, W.A.
    12 June 2009The Ghost in the Stereoscope  Unknown author
    18 June 2009The Glass Court  London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company
    18 June 2009The Great Exhibition: its Palace, and its Principal Contents. With Notices of the Public Buildings of the Metropolis, Places of Amusement, etc.  George Routledge and Co.; Stephenson, Roberts
    15 June 2009The Imperial Gardens  Rose & Coop
    19 June 2009The Kentish Hop Merchant and the Lecturer on Optics!!  T. Tegg; Woodward, George Moutard; Cruikshank, I.
    24 June 2009The Magic Lantern  Illustrated London News; Hine, H.G.; Jackson, M.
    19 June 2009The Monk  R. Ackermann; Wauthier; Sutherland
    24 June 2009The North West Prospect of St. Paul's Cathedral in London  Robert Wilkinson; Bowles & Carver; Bowles
    18 June 2009The Overland Route to India: Historical, Descriptive and Legendary  John Edward Lloyd; Tillotson, John
    17 June 2009The Panorama of London, or, A Day's Journey Round the Metropolis, An Amusing and Instructive Game  Unknown author
    24 June 2009The Peep-show  Ann Bryer; Bartolozzi, F.; Wheatley, F.
    10 November 2009The Proscenium of the English opera house in the Strand, (late Lyceum) as it appeared on the evening of the 21st March 1817, with Walker's exhibition of the Eidouranian  Burney, E.; Stow, J.; Wilkinson, Robert
    10 July 2009The Reception of the Diplomatique and his Suite at the Court of Pekin / Sin, Death and the Devil  H. Humphrey; Gillray, James