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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 December 20102010 Survey of Technology Enhanced Learning for higher education in the UK  Browne, Tom; Hewlett, Roger; Jenkins, Martin; et al.
    13 December 2012AHRC Project Report - Future Memory in Place  Isayev, Elena; Webster, Catrin
    28 September 2018The Atlantic Project: After The Future (activity report)  Trevor, T
    1 November 2010Augmented Reality: A Review of available Augmented Reality packages and evaluation of their potential use in an educational context  Rose, Stephen; Potter, Dale; Newcombe, Matthew
    28 May 2012The Cricket-Tracking Project: a case study  Christmas, Jacqueline
    7 June 2013DESCRIBE Final Project Report  Stevens, Hilary; Dean, Andrew; Wykes, Michael
    7 June 2013DESCRIBE Final Project Report: Executive Summary  Stevens, Hilary; Dean, Andrew; Wykes, Michael
    1 April 2012Draft metadata schema for data description  Evans, Jill
    1 March 2013Electronic versus paper record keeping in scientific research: a case study for the Open Exeter project  Haworth, Thomas; Hudson, David
    10 November 2010Final Report  Isayev, Elena
    8 May 2014Final report on the Open Exeter project to Jisc  Evans, Jill; Lloyd-Jones, Hannah; Cole, Gareth
    15 August 2012My Journey into Research....Beginnings: Issues Involved in Working with Human Subjects to Capture and Document Emotional Responses  Chavda, Mrunal; Open Exeter Project Team
    2 October 2012Open Exeter DSpace Submission Tool Development Update  Wellaway, Ian
    1 November 2011Open Exeter Project Plan  Evans, Jill
    15 January 2013Parent and Teacher Feedback - Raw  Isayev, Elena; Webster, Catrin
    8 August 2012PhD Research and Copyright: A Personal Experience  Wright, Duncan; Open Exeter Project Team
    10 July 2013Recommendation report for the implementation of research data management policy and for a sustainable research data management service at the University of Exeter  Burgess, Cris; Dominey, Caroline; Evans, Jill; et al.
    8 May 2014Report on the Follow the Data PGR audit  Cole, Gareth
    15 January 2013School Pupil Feedback - Compiled Statistics  Isayev, Elena; Webster, Catrin
    15 January 2013School Pupil Feedback - Raw Feedback Sheets  Isayev, Elena; Webster, Catrin