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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    11 December 2018Some days are better than others: Examining time-specific variation in the structuring of interorganizational relations  Amati, V; Lomi, A; Mascia, D
    3 December 2015Special issue on “Innovative service and manufacturing design”  Lun, YHV; Quaddus, M; Naim, M; et al.
    2009Speeding up simulation applications using WinGrid.  Mustafee, Navonil; Taylor, Simon J.E.
    10 December 2014Speeding up systems biology simulations of biochemical pathways using condor  Liu, Xuan; Taylor, Simon J.E.; Mustafee, Navonil; et al.
    31 January 2018Spontaneous emergence of Community OR: self-initiating, self-organising problem structuring mediated by social media  Yearworth, M; White, L
    31 October 2019Stakeholder Management in SME open innovation: interdependencies and strategic actions  Albats, E; Alexander, A; Mahdad, M; et al.
    24 April 2014State-owned MNCs and host country expropriation risk: the role of home state soft power and economic gunboat diplomacy  Duanmu, J-L
    16 December 2018Strategizing for IT project success in the digital era  Holgeid, K; Stray, V; Krogstie, J; et al.
    29 January 2018Students as human resources in the corporatised school  Vainker, S; Bailey, AR
    21 May 2018Supply Chain Management and the Circular Economy: Towards the Circular Supply Chain  De Angelis, R; Howard, MB; Miemczyk, J
    6 March 2018Survival and growth patterns among new technology-based firms: Empirical study of cohort 2006 in Sweden  Rannikko, H; Tornikoski, E; Isaksson, A; et al.
    2013Sustainability-oriented innovation: a systematic review  Adams, Richard; Jeanrenaud, Sally; Bessant, John
    8 August 2019Sustainable production in a circular economy: A business model for re-distributed manufacturing  Turner, C; Moreno, M; Mondini, L; et al.
    24 March 2018Sustainable supply chain management in developing countries: An analysis of the literature  Jia, F; Zuluaga, L; Bailey, AR; et al.
    14 December 2020Sustaining supply chain relationships for co-operative success: the case of South Devon Organic Producers Co-operative (UK)  Bailey, AR; Fu, J; Dong, H; et al.
    4 February 2019Symbiotic simulation system: Hybrid systems model meets big data analytics  Onggo, BS; Juan, AA; Mustafee, N; et al.
    16 May 2017System Failure for Good Reasons? Understanding Aid Information Management Systems (AIMS) with Indonesia as State Actor in the Changing Field of Aid  Park, KR; Li, B
    29 May 2016System-focused risk identification and assessment for disaster preparedness: Dynamic threat analysis  Powell, JH; Mustafee, N; Chen, A; et al.