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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    20 June 201821st century innovation: What is the name of the new game?  Alexander, AT; Hopkinson, P; Miller, J; et al.
    13 September 2013A bi-objective weighted model for improving the discrimination power in MCDEA  Ghasemi, MR; Ignatius, J; Emrouznejad, A
    1 June 2017A Bibliometric Study on Authorship Trends and Research Themes in Knowledge Management Literature  Jussila, J; Mustafee, N; Aramo-Immonen, H; et al.
    19 June 2018A Capability Maturity Model for the Circular Economy: An Agri-food Perspective  Howard, MB; Boehm, S; Eatherley, D; et al.
    2016A Case Study of Applying Complexity Leadership Theory in Thales UK  Gilbert, D; Shrieves, L; Yearworth, M
    2005A comparison of CMB- and HLA-based approaches to type I interoperability reference model problems for COTS-based distributed simulation  Taylor, Simon J.E.; Turner, Stephen J.; Mustafee, Navonil; et al.
    12 December 2018A customer journey perspective on service delivery system design: insights from healthcare  Ponsignon, F; Smart, P; Phillips, L
    2021‘Dances with Daffodils’: Life as a Flower-Picker in Southwest England  Manolchev, C
    25 July 2018A decision-making framework for the implementation of remanufacturing in rechargeable energy storage system in hybrid and electric vehicles  Okorie, OS; Turner, C; Salonitis, K; et al.
    18 December 2020A Digital Maintenance Practice Framework for Circular Production of Automotive Parts  Turner, C; Okorie, O; Emmanouilidis, C; et al.
    27 August 2018A double-edged sword? The antipodal effects of institutional distance on partner selection in cross-border alliances  Krammer, SMS
    25 June 2019A framework to support a simulation-based understanding of digitalisation in remanufacturing operations  Okorie, OS; Charnley, F; Salonitis, K
    2014A game-based approach towards facilitating decision making for perishable products: an example of blood supply chain  Katsaliaki, Korina; Mustafee, Navonil; Kumar, Sameer
    16 November 2017A Grounded Theory of Music Use in the Psychological Preparation of Academy Soccer Players  Karageorghis, CI; Bigliassi, M; Tayara, K; et al.
    7 January 2020A Grounded Theory of Music-Video Use in an Exercise Facility  Bird, JM; Karageorghis, CI
    2021‘Hacking’ the pandemic: turning online work challenges into learning with IMPACT  Keenan, C; Manolchev, C
    8 January 2018A hybrid approach using forecasting and discrete-event simulation for endoscopy services  Harper, A; Mustafee, N; Feeney, M
    18 January 2018A longitudinal comparison of capital structure between young for-profit social and commercial enterprises  Siqueira, ACO; Guenster, N; Vanacker, T; et al.
    27 May 2016A pragmatic multi-method investigation of discrepant technological events: Coping, attributions, and ‘accidental’ learning  Ortiz de Guinea, A
    16 September 2020A preliminary study to identify data needs for improving fit of hand and wrist orthosis using verbal protocol analysis  Tan, X; Chen, W; Cao, J; et al.