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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    24 August 2020Ban, Boom, and Echo! Entrepreneurship and initial coin offerings  Bellavitis, C; Cumming, D; Vanacker, T
    8 July 2016Big Data and Behavior in Operational Research: Towards a “Smart OR”  White, L; Burger, K; Yearworth, M
    18 August 2014Book review of: Davide Nicolini (2012) Practice Theory, Work & Organization: An Introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 978-0199231591  Thompson, M
    23 July 2018Book Review: Marcus Taylor and Sébastien Rioux, Global Labour Studies  Manolchev, CN
    19 June 2019Book review: Organizational Space and Beyond: The Significance of Henri Lefebvre for Organization Studies  Manolchev, CN
    16 April 2017Bootstrap order determination for ARMA models: a comparison between different model selection criteria  Fenga, L
    23 December 2016Boundary Capabilities in MNCs: Knowledge Transformation for Creative Solution Development  Tippmann, E; Scott, PS; Parker, A
    10 May 2021Boundary negotiations: a paradox theoretical approach for efficient and flexible modular systems  Davies, P; Parry, G; Phillips, LA; et al.
    3 March 2016Brain mechanisms that underlie the effects of motivational audiovisual stimuli on psychophysiological responses during exercise  Bigliassi, M; Silva, VB; Karageorghis, CI; et al.
    28 November 2018Breaking-up the ‘Precariat’: Personalisation, Differentiation and Deindividuation in Precarious Work Groups  Manolchev, CN; Saundry, R; Lewis, D
    2012Bridging the gap: a standards-based approach to OR/MS distributed simulation  Taylor, Simon J.E.; Turner, Stephen J.; Mustafee, Navonil; et al.
    29 December 2020Building Competitive Advantage with Sustainable Products – A Case Study Perspective of Stakeholders  Kahupi, I; Eiríkur Hull, DC; Okorie, DO; et al.
    2019Building situational awareness in the age of service ecosystems  Pujadas, R; Thompson, M; Venters, W; et al.
    30 September 2017Business Ecosystem in Asian Context: The Challenges of Social Embeddedness. Call for papers  Rong, K; Li, B; Butel, L; et al.
    29 May 2021Business-to-business open innovation: COVID-19 lessons for small and medium-sized enterprises from emerging markets  Markovic, S; Koporcic, N; Arslanagic-Kalajdzic, M; et al.