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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    22 November 2017Cadbury and the rise of the supermarket: innovation in marketing 1953-1975  Bailey, AR; Alexander, A
    12 April 2022Can digital technologies increase consumer acceptance of circular business models? The case of second hand fashion  Charnley, F; Knecht, F; Muenkel, H; et al.
    26 April 2022Capacity management for a leasing system with different equipment and batch demands  Yang, X; Jiao, W; Zhang, J; et al.
    18 February 2016Carbon efficiency evaluation: An analytical framework using fuzzy DEA  Ignatius, J; Ghasemi, MR; Zhang, F; et al.
    3 March 2020Charting the reach and contribution of IMP literature in other disciplines: A bibliometric analysis  Aramo-Immonen, H; Carlborg, P; Hasche, N; et al.
    24 October 2018Circular business advantage: what organisations need to know  Howard, MB; Webster, K
    12 January 2021Circular business models in high value manufacturing: five industry cases to bridge theory and practice  Okorie, O; Charnley, F; Russell, J; et al.
    16 February 2020Classification of the Existing Knowledge Base of OR/MS Research and Practice (1990-2019) using a Proposed Classification Scheme  Mustafee, N; Katsaliaki, K
    27 April 2020Clients’ outcomes from providers’ networks: the role of relational exclusivity and complementary capabilities  Trapido, D; Pallotti, F; Lomi, A
    22 December 2016Climate change and cities: problem structuring methods and critical perspectives on low-carbon districts  Yearworth, M; Freeman, R
    16 December 2019Co-citation Analysis of Literature in e-Science and e-Infrastructures  Mustafee, N; Bessis, N; Taylor, S; et al.
    23 October 2018Co-evolutionary and systemic study on the evolution of emerging stem cell-based therapies  Ávila-Robinsona, A; Islam, N; Sengoku, S
    10 February 2021Cognitive reflection correlates with behavior on Twitter  Mosleh, M; Pennycook, G; Arechar, AA; et al.
    31 December 2018ComeHere: Exploiting ethereum for secure sharing of health-care data  Franceschi, M; Morelli, D; Plans, D; et al.
    2009Comparing conventional and distributed approaches to simulation in a complex supply-chain health system  Katsaliaki, Korina; Mustafee, Navonil; Taylor, Simon J.E.; et al.
    2022Comparing designers’ EEG activity characteristics for common association and remote association  Yin, Y; Wang, P; Han, J; et al.
    2016Complexity in a systems engineering organization: An empirical case study  Gilbert, D; Yearworth, M
    2004Confessions of an IS consultant, or, the limitations of structuration theory  Thompson, M
    30 November 2019Conflicts and coalitions: the drivers of European corporate sustainability reforms  Monciardini, D
    1 July 2016Considering Collectives: Roles, Members and Goals  Wood, Z