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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    10 September 2019I feel it in my finger: Measurement device affects cardiac interoceptive accuracy  Murphy, J; Brewer, R; Coll, M-P; et al.
    12 September 2019If You Do Not Know Who Knows What: Advice Seeking Under Changing Conditions of Uncertainty After an Acquisition  Mirc, N; Parker, A
    1 August 2018Impact of congestion pricing schemes on emissions and temporal shift of freight transport  Chen, D; Ignatius, J; Sun, D; et al.
    23 August 2022Impact of correlated price sensitive demand on the dynamics and economics of supply chains  Hosoda, T; Disney, SM; Gaalman, G
    21 December 2021Impact of COVID-19 restrictions on mental health and physical activity among LGBQAP and heterosexual adults  Mullin, EM; Hutchinson, JC; Mellano, KT; et al.
    4 May 2019Improved metrics for assessment of immortal materials and products  Akrivos, V; Haines-Gadd, M; Mativenga, P; et al.
    3 September 2018Improving discriminating power in data envelopment models based on deviation variables framework  Ghasemi, MR; Ignatius, J; Rezaee, B
    18 May 2019Industrial sustainability performance measurement systems: A novel framework.  Cagno, E; Neri, A; Howard, MB; et al.
    14 June 2018Inequality in Economics and Sociology: New Perspectives  Manolchev, CN
    26 March 2022Influence of blockchain technology in SME internationalization: Evidence from high-tech SMEs in India  Rakshit, S; Islam, N; Mondal, S; et al.
    9 July 2020Information technology-enabled explorative learning and competitive performance in industrial service SMEs: a configurational analysis  Raymond, L; Bergeron, F; Croteau, AM; et al.
    16 December 2012Innovating for sustainability: a systematic review of the body of knowledge  Adams, Richard; Bessant, John; Jeanrenaud, Sally; et al.
    19 June 2016Innovation intermediaries in university-industry collaboration: analysis of online platforms  Albats, E; Figenbaum, I; Alexander, AT
    22 August 2014Innovation policy within private collectives: Evidence on 3GPP's regulation mechanisms to facilitate collective innovation  Lopez-Berzosa, D; Gawer, A
    13 July 2022Input Device. UK Patent Application  Yearworth, M; Henderson, H
    24 December 2016Institutional incentives in circular economy transition: The case of material use in the Dutch textile industry  Fischer, A; Pascucci, S
    2015Intellectual capital and innovation. A guideline for future research  Zambon, S; Monciardini, David
    1 March 2016Introduction to the special issue: Transferring knowledge for innovation  Alexander, Allen Thomas; Neyer, Anne-Katrin; Huizingh, K.R.E.
    11 August 2020Invecchiamento attivo e condizioni di vita degli anziani in Italia  Quattrociocchi, L; Tibaldi, M; Caputi, M
    26 July 2015Inventory management for stochastic lead times with order crossovers  Disney, SM; Maltz, A; Wang, X; et al.