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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    25 December 2019When the bullwhip effect is an increasing function of the lead time  Gaalman, G; Disney, SM; Wang, X
    1 January 2009Where has everyone gone? Re-integrating people into accounts of organisational practice (working paper)  Thompson, M
    4 September 2009Where has everyone gone? Re-integrating people into accounts of organizational practice  Thompson, M
    17 November 2016Whom Should We Talk to? Investigating the Varying Roles of Internal and External Relationship Quality on Radical and Incremental Innovation Performance  Obal, M; Kannan-Narasimhan, R; Ko, G
    2 November 2017Why are NGOs sceptical of genome editing?  Helliwell, R; Hartley, S; Pearce, W; et al.
    2021Why do people use Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled voice assistants?  Malodia, S; Islam, N; Kaur, P; et al.
    3 April 2020Why is it so hard to enact responsible change?: Scientists need to work more closely with other social groups to implement sustainable innovation  Welsh, C; Pike, L; Elliott, J; et al.
    15 February 2018Why so serious? Theorising playful model-driven group decision support with situated affectivity  Burger, K; White, L; Yearworth, M
    8 November 2019Why some third age individuals develop entrepreneurial intentions: Exploring the psychological effects of posterity  Maalaoui, A; Tornikoski, E; Partouche, J; et al.
    21 December 2016Widening requirements capture with soft methods: an investigation of hybrid M&S studies in health care  Powell, JH; Mustafee, N
    6 June 2020Work with the beat: How dynamic patterns in team processes affect shared understanding  Cash, P; Dekoninc, E; Ahmed-Kristensen, S
    23 January 2020Workforce predictive risk modelling: development of a model to identify general practices at risk of a supply-demand imbalance.  Abel, GA; Gomez-Cano, M; Mustafee, N; et al.