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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    11 March 2020Consumers are willing to participate in circular business models: a practice theory perspective to food provisioning  Borrello, M; Pascucci, S; Caracciolo, F; et al.
    26 June 2015Cross-Sector Partnerships and the Co-creation of Dynamic Capabilities for Stakeholder Orientation  Dentoni, D; Bitzer, V; Pascucci, S
    26 November 2020Forging forms of authority through the sociomateriality of food in partial organizations  Pascucci, S; Dentoni, D; Clements, J; et al.
    24 December 2016Institutional incentives in circular economy transition: The case of material use in the Dutch textile industry  Fischer, A; Pascucci, S
    30 July 2020It’s not just about the Mafia! Conceptualizing business-society relations of organized violence  Boehm, S; Pascucci, S
    29 December 2017Learning "who we are" by doing: Processes of co-constructing prosocial identities in community-based enterprises  Dentoni, D; Pascucci, S; Poldner, K; et al.
    28 September 2016Network structure in sustainable agro-industrial parks  Nuhoff-Isakhanyan, G; Wubben, EFM; Omta, OSWF; et al.
    7 May 2020New organizational forms in emerging economies: bridging the gap between agribusiness management and international development  Dentoni, D; Bijman, J; Bossle, MB; et al.
    14 July 2019Partnering for sustainability in agri-food supply chains: the case of Barilla Sustainable Farming in the Po Valley  Pancino, B; Blasi, E; Rappoldt, A; et al.
    15 May 2020Three propositions to unify circular economy research: A review  Borrello, M; Pascucci, S; Cembalo, L
    15 March 2017Understanding the organization of sharing economy in agri-food systems: evidence from alternative food networks in Valencia  Miralles, I; Dentoni, D; Pascucci, S