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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 July 2017Against the tide of depoliticisation: The politics of research governance  Hartley, S; Pearce, W; Taylor, A
    14 June 2019NGO perspectives on the social and ethical dimensions of plant genome-editing  Helliwell, R; Hartley, S; Pearce, W
    7 March 2018Reply to Tagliabue  Pearce, W; Hartley, S; Helliwell, R; et al.
    2 March 2016Transparency: issues are not that simple  Pearce, W; Hartley, S; Nerlich, B
    2 November 2017Why are NGOs sceptical of genome editing?  Helliwell, R; Hartley, S; Pearce, W; et al.