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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2021Algorithms as Co-Researchers: Exploring Meaning and Bias in Qualitative Research  Günther Arianne, W; Thompson, M; Mayur, P, J; et al.
    8 July 2016Big Data and Behavior in Operational Research: Towards a “Smart OR”  White, L; Burger, K; Yearworth, M
    2016A Case Study of Applying Complexity Leadership Theory in Thales UK  Gilbert, D; Shrieves, L; Yearworth, M
    30 November 2019Conflicts and coalitions: the drivers of European corporate sustainability reforms  Monciardini, D
    1 January 2017Demystifying facilitation: A new approach to investigating the role of facilitation in group decision support processes  Yearworth, M; White, L
    24 November 2017Evaluating How System Health Assessment Can Trigger Anticipatory Action for Resilience  Lowe, D; Oliver, P; Midgley, G; et al.
    23 October 2019Group Support Systems: experiments with an online system and implications for same-time/different places working  Yearworth, M; White, L
    3 January 2019Manufacturing Data for the Implementation of Data-Driven Remanufacturing for the Rechargeable Energy Storage System in Electric Vehicles  Okorie, OS; Salonitis, K; Charnley, F; et al.
    19 September 2017Music in the exercise and sport domain: Conceptual approaches and underlying mechanisms  Karageorghis, C; Ekkekakis, P; Bird, J; et al.
    10 May 2016The rationales of lawyers, accountants and financial analysts in shaping the EU agenda on CSR  Monciardini, David
    27 March 2020Service levels in make-to-order production: 3D printing applications  Hedenstrierna, CPT; Disney, S; Holmstrom, J
    24 September 2019Theorizing creative capital in China: A multi-level framework  Xiang, Y; Li, B
    19 June 2016Under Pressure: Music-related interventions in high-performance domains  Karageorghis, C; Bird, J