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Welcome to Open Research Exeter (ORE).


ORE showcases the best of Exeter's research, increasing its visibility and impact.

ORE is an open access repository. Research can be viewed and downloaded freely by anyone, anywhere: researchers, students, industry, business and the wider public.

Research in ORE is securely stored, managed and preserved to ensure free, permanent access.

ORE's content includes journal articles, conference papers, working papers, reports, book chapters, videos, audio, images, multimedia research project outputs, raw data and analysed data.


If you wish to upload datasets under 1.5-2GBs, use the ORE submit facility. For data that is over 2GBs there is an upload tool available. Please contact rdm@exeter.ac.uk for help in using this tool.

If you are considering submitting data of any size please ensure you read the checklist for depositing data in ORE first. Guidance on selecting data for archiving may be helpful.

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