• Verification of a Rapid Mooring and Foundation Design Tool 

    Weller, SD; Hardwick, J; Gomez, S; Heath, J; Jensen, R; McLean, N; Johanning, L (SAGE Publications, 2017)
    Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) devices require mooring and foundation systems that are suitable in terms of device operation, are robust and also cost effective. In the initial stages of mooring and foundation development ...
  • Entropy production and time asymmetry in the presence of strong interactions 

    Anders, J; Miller, H (American Physical Society, 2017-06-19)
    It is known that the equilibrium properties of open classical systems that are strongly coupled to a heat bath are described by a set of thermodynamic potentials related to the system's Hamiltonian of mean force. By adapting ...
  • Observation of photonic Fermi arcs in topological metamaterials (Dataset) 

    Yang, B; Guo, Q; Tremain, B; Barr, LE; Gao, W; Liu, H; Béri, B; Xiang, Y; Fan, D; Hibbins, AP; Zhang, S (Nature, 2017)
    The discovery of topological phases introduces new perspectives and platforms for various interesting physics originally investigated in quantum context and then, on an equal footing, in classic wave systems, such as ...
  • Rape as an Act of Institutional Wrongdoing 

    Smith, Jenee Ashleigh (University of ExeterCollege of Social Sciences and International Studies, 2017-04-25)
    What if rape is an act of institutional wrongdoing, and becomes treated as such? In 2008, Nigel Pleasants coined the term ‘institutional wrongdoing’ to describe acts that are “chronically embedded in lawful, socially ...
  • Observed trends in the magnitude and persistence of monthly temperature variability 

    Lenton, TM; Dakos, V; Bathiany, S; Scheffer, M (Nature Publishing Group, 2017)

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