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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    10 November 2010The Active Ruins of Mesopotamia (Iraq)  Malallah, Hanaa
    8 November 2010Book of Returns (Copy 2/3)  Hilal, Sandi; Petti, Alessandro
    12 November 2010Book of Returns image gallery  Petti, Alessandro; Hilal, Sandi
    10 November 2010Bulletin  Hurcombe, Linda
    10 November 2010Catch  Hurcombe, Linda
    8 November 2010Decolonizing Architecture  Hilal, Sandi; Petti, Alessandro
    10 November 2010Decolonizing Architecture PowerPoint Presentation  Petti, Alessandro; Hilal, Sandi
    8 November 2010A Drawing in Time: Aberystwyth June 2009; A Drawing in Time, time frame - 2 hrs 10 min Aberystwyth 2009  Webster, Catrin
    8 November 2010Encasing  Hurcombe, Linda; Malallah, Hanaa
    26 January 2009An experimental investigation of asymmetric contests  Fonseca, Miguel A.
    8 November 2010Florence Baptistery  Shenfield, Larry
    8 November 2010For Shaker Hassain al-Said  Malallah, Hanaa
    8 November 2010Found Image - From Postcard of Devil’s Bridge c. 1900; A Drawing in Time: Devil’s Bridge, June 2009  Webster, Catrin
    8 November 2010Found Images Postcard: Llyn Peris front and back  Webster, Catrin
    8 November 2010Found Images: Betws-y-coed front and back  Webster, Catrin
    8 November 2010In Black and White: Gaza, page 2 & 3, The Guardian, 07.01.09  McMullen, Shauna
    8 November 2010In Black and White: Rafa, page 19, The Guardian, 19.01.09  McMullen, Shauna
    10 November 2010Limb Swastika with Red Yucca  Malallah, Hanaa
    8 November 2010The Name of the Flower  Malallah, Hanaa
    8 November 2010Nest  Malallah, Hanaa; Hurcombe, Linda