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Recent Submissions

  • Sensation Fiction and Modernity: Narratives of Order and Ambivalence in Mid-Victorian Britain 

    Green, J (University of Exeter College of Humanities, 15 July 2019)
    The mid-nineteenth-century genre of sensation fiction is primarily conceived of as articulating modernity through its depiction of sensory experience, especially as such is produced by technologically-generated mobility. ...
  • Development of Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Electrodes in Alkaline Electrochemical Systems 

    Loh, A (University of Exeter College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, 15 July 2019)
    In recent years as a larger proportion of our energy needs are being met by renewable energy sources, research and development in energy storage is becoming more significant. Oxygen electrodes, found in electrical energy ...
  • The Battle Over Kird/Zaza Identity Contruction in Cewlig/Bingol (1980-2015) 

    Ishakoglu, M (University of Exeter Centre for Kurdish Studies, 10 June 2019)
    This thesis examines the identity construction of Kird/Zaza in Çewlig/Bingöl. It will track how the Kird/Zaza identity is being constructed, and who the main actors of this identity formation are. This research will also ...
  • How do British political parties mobilise and contact voters to increase turnout? 

    King, W (University of Exeter SSIS - Politics., 15 July 2019)
    This thesis will explore how British political parties over the period 2010-2017 have developed their mobilisation and contacting methods. Looking at social media, demographics, and other salient issues, I will construct ...
  • Turbulence modelling of fluid-particle interaction 

    Riella, M (University of Exeter College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, 15 July 2019)
    The accurate prediction of turbulent fluid-particle behaviour has been a complex and elusive topic for researchers for several decades. The momentum and energy exchange between the fluid and particles, across the whole ...

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