Recent Submissions

  • Autobiophony as Wellbeing 

    Thomaidis, K (University of British Columbia, 18 February 2021)
  • Brandon LaBelle and Konstantinos Thomaidis: Vocal Positionings 

    Thomaidis, K; LaBelle, B (, 9 February 2021)
    This Salon conversation/podcast explores sound and meaning, the performativity of the self in listening and voicing, aural dramaturgies of inclusion/exclusion, and the intersections of history, politics and voice. It ...
  • Pansori & New Technologies: An Interview with Chan E. Park 

    Thomaidis, K; Park, CE (Routledge, 8 January 2021)
  • 'The subject' and voice: Cross-Chapter Discussion 

    Thomaidis, K; Cockburn, R (Routledge, 14 December 2017)
    This cross-chapter discussion between Rachel Cockburn and Konstantinos Thomaidis centres around subjectivity formation, performativity and ideology. With a particular focus on voice and drawing primarily on Laclau and ...
  • A Voice Is. A Voice Has. A Voice Does. 

    Thomaidis, K (University of Exeter, 18 December 2020)
    A Practice Research Output. 300-Word Sstatement below. Research Process This Practice Research project investigates the intersections between autobiography, subjectivity-making, performed selfhood and voicing. Through the ...

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