Recent Submissions

  • Exhibition curation as practice-as-research performance historiography: an incomplete story of audience experience 

    Holmes, K (Taylor and Francis, 26 July 2022)
    Taking an interdisciplinary approach to information-led exhibitions that are focused on performance can be considered a form of practice-as-research historiography if curation is engaged with as praxis. Approaching exhibition ...
  • Gifting Together and Gifting Back: A Pluriphony of Postcards 

    Onciul, B; Thomaidis, K (Routledge, 25 June 2022)
    This co-edited series of postcards is a practice-research output of the project 'Gifting Together and Gifting Back', funded by the UBC Research Cluster in Culture, Creativity, Health and Well-Being. In collaboration with ...
  • Introduction: Representation in/of Classical Music 

    Curtin, A; Whittaker, A (Open Library of Humanities, 11 January 2022)
    This essay introduces the special collection ‘Representing Classical Music in the Twenty-First Century’. The editors outline what the collection is about and explain how it developed before providing synopsesof the articles ...
  • Celestial Bodies in a Viscous Sky: Liquid Sky’s Reshaping of Aerial Space Using Lasers 

    Holmes, K (Routledge, 1 September 2022)
    What happens when the space aerialists inhabit is made more tangible using lasers? Aerial performers are ‘air’-ialists performing in the atmosphere from suspended equipment. The space aerialists work within is delineated ...
  • Listening back: training as vocal archaeology 

    Thomaidis, K (Theatre and Performance Research Association, 11 September 2021)
    From oratory to musical competitions and from symposia to religious ceremony, voice was practised, conceptualised and trained in plural ways in 5th century BCE Athens. Foundational ideas around selfhood and citizenship ...

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