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  • The effects of marine eukaryote evolution on phosphorus, carbon and oxygen cycling across the Proterozoic–Phanerozoic transition 

    Lenton, TM; Daines, S (Portland Press, 2018-06-29)
    A ‘Neoproterozoic oxygenation event’ is widely invoked as a causal factor in animal evolution, and often attributed to abiotic causes such as post-glacial pulses of phosphorus weathering. However, recent evidence suggests ...
  • Early Palaeozoic ocean anoxia and global warming driven by the evolution of shallow burrowing. 

    van de Velde, S; Mills, BJW; Meysman, FJR; Lenton, TM; Poulton, SW (Nature Publishing Group, 2018-07-02)
    The evolution of burrowing animals forms a defining event in the history of the Earth. It has been hypothesised that the expansion of seafloor burrowing during the Palaeozoic altered the biogeochemistry of the oceans and ...
  • Changing storminess and global capture fisheries 

    Sainsbury, NC; Genner, MJ; Saville, GR; Pinnegar, JK; O Neill, CK; Simpson, SD; Turner, RA (Nature Publishing Group, 2018-06-25)
    Climate change-driven alterations in storminess pose a signifcant threat to global capture fsheries. Understanding how storms interact with fshery social-ecological systems can inform adaptive action and help to reduce ...
  • Diagramming 

    Davies, GF; Scalway, H (Routledge, 2018-07-06)
    In this exchange, artist Helen Scalway and geographer Gail Davies, reflect on collaborative work, which has been running in different intensities from 2010 to today . They discuss diagramming as a form of spatial ethnographic ...
  • Smart city as anti-planning in the UK 

    Cowley, Robert; Caprotti, Federico (SAGE Publications, 2018-07-13)
    Critical commentaries have often treated the smart city as a potentially problematic ‘top down’ tendency within policy-making and urban planning, which appears to serve the interests of already powerful corporate and ...
  • Nonhuman citizens on trial: The ecological politics of a beaver reintroduction 

    Crowley, SL; Hinchliffe, S; McDonald, RA (SAGE Publications, 2017-04-25)
    Wildlife reintroductions can unsettle social and ecological norms, and are often controversial. In this paper, we examine the recent (re)introduction of Eurasian beavers to England, to analyse responses to an unauthorised ...
  • Climate, landscape, habitat, and woodland management associations with hazel dormouse Muscardinus avellanarius population status 

    Goodwin, CED; Suggitt, AJ; Bennie, J; Silk, MJ; Duffy, JP; Al-Fulaij, N; Bailey, S; Hodgson, DJ; McDonald, RA (Wiley, 2018-06-03)
    Although strictly protected, populations of the hazel dormouse Muscardinus avellanarius in the UK declined by 72% from 1993 to 2014. Using National Dormouse Monitoring Programme data from 300 sites throughout England and ...
  • Habitat preferences of hazel dormice Muscardinus avellanarius and the effects of tree-felling on their movement 

    Goodwin, CED; Hodgson, DJ; Bailey, S; Bennie, J; McDonald, RA (Elsevier, 2018-06-07)
    Modern management of multifunctional woodlands must address many and various demands, including for recreation, timber production and the conservation of biodiversity. The responses of individuals and populations of protected ...
  • Rethinking energy demand governance: exploring impact beyond ‘energy’ policy 

    Butler, C; Parkhill, KA; Luzecka, P (Elsevier, 2017-12-26)
    The challenges of climate change and energy security, along with problems of fuel poverty and energy justice bring imperatives to create transitions in energy demand. Academic research and theory have begun to highlight ...
  • The small stuff of barely spiritual practices 

    Lea, J; Philo, C; Cadman, L (Routledge, 2018-02-20)
    This book intends to open to up new questions and approaches through the theme of spirituality, pushing the boundaries on current topics and introducing innovative new ideas, including esoteric or radical spiritual practices.
  • Non-representational theory and health geographies 

    Lea, J (Routledge, 2018-06-14)
    This book provides a coherent synthesis of scholarship in health geography as well as multidisciplinary insights into cutting-edge research.
  • Inconsistent strategies to spin up models in CMIP5: Implications for ocean biogeochemical model performance assessment 

    Séférian, R; Gehlen, M; Bopp, L; Resplandy, L; Orr, JC; Marti, O; Dunne, JP; Christian, JR; Doney, SC; Ilyina, T; Lindsay, K; Halloran, PR; Heinze, C; Segschneider, J; Tjiputra, J; Aumont, O; Romanou, A (European Geosciences Union (EGU) / Copernicus Publications, 2016-05-12)
    During the fifth phase of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP5) substantial efforts were made to systematically assess the skill of Earth system models. One goal was to check how realistically representative ...
  • On which timescales do gas transfer velocities control North Atlantic CO2 flux variability? 

    Couldrey, MP; Oliver, KIC; Yool, A; Halloran, PR; Achterberg, EP (American Geophysical Union (AGU) /Wiley, 2016-05-17)
    The North Atlantic is an important basin for the global ocean's uptake of anthropogenic and natural carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), but the mechanisms controlling this carbon flux are not fully understood. The air-sea flux of CO ...
  • Selection for Gaia across multiple scales 

    Lenton, TM; Daines, SJ; Dyke, JG; Nicholson, AE; Wilkinson, DM; Williams, HTP (Elsevier, 2018-07-02)
    Recently postulated mechanisms and models can help explain the enduring ‘Gaia’ puzzle of environmental regulation mediated by life. Natural selection can produce nutrient recycling at local scales and regulation of ...
  • The politics of accelerating low-carbon transitions: Towards a new research agenda 

    Roberts, C; Geels, FW; Lockwood, M; Newell, P; Schmitz, H; Turnheim, B; Jordan, A (Elsevier, 2018-06-12)
    Meeting the climate change targets in the Paris Agreement implies a substantial and rapid acceleration of low-carbon transitions. Combining insights from political science, policy analysis and socio-technical transition ...
  • Trough geometry was a greater influence than climate-ocean forcing in regulating retreat of the marine-based Irish Sea Ice Stream 

    Scourse, JD; Small, D; Smedley, R; O Cofaigh, C; Duller, G; McCarron, S; Burke, M; Evans, D; Fabel, D; Gheorghiu, DM; Thomas, G; Xu, S; Clark, C (Geological Society of America, 2018-06-01)
    Marine terminating ice streams are a major component of contemporary ice sheets and are likely to have a fundamental influence on their future evolution and concomitant contribution to sea-level rise. To accurately predict ...
  • The suppression of welcome 

    Gill, N (Geographical Society of Finland, 2018-05-27)
    One way to interpret the organisation of refugee welcome in Europe is by thinking about the tension between the official response and the grassroots response to the events. This tension has evolved in different ways in ...
  • Submission to Home Office Immigration Detention Consultation 2018 

    Gill, N; Fisher, D; Smith, J; Burridge, A (House of Commons Home Affairs Committee, 2018-04-24)
    Written evidence to the Home Affairs Committee immigration detention inquiry 2018 submitted by Professor Nick Gill (University of Exeter), Dr Daniel Fisher (University of Exeter), Jennifer Smith (University of Newcastle) ...
  • Reef fish carbonate production assessments highlight regional variation in sedimentary significance (dataset) 

    Salter, MA; Perry, C; Stuart-Smith, RD; Edgar, GJ; Wilson, R; Harborne, AR (University of Exeter, 2018-06-27)
    This is the dataset used for the Salter et al. (2018) article "Reef fish carbonate production assessments highlight regional variation in sedimentary significance" published in the Geology journal.
  • Drying and rewetting conditions differentially affect the mineralization of fresh plant litter and extant soil organic matter 

    Lopez-Sangil, L; Hartley, IP; Rovira, P; Casals, P; Sayer, EJ (Elsevier, 2018-06-07)
    Drought is becoming more common globally and has the potential to alter patterns of soil carbon (C) storage in terrestrial ecosystems. After an extended dry period, a pulse of soil CO 2 release is commonly observed upon ...

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