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Recent Submissions

  • Does market competition dampen environmental performance? Evidence from China 

    Duanmu, JL; Bu, M; Pittman, R (Wiley, 19 September 2018)
    Departing from the extant literature, which assumes that firms pursue strong environmental performance as a differentiation strategy, we analyze the general relationship between firms’ competitive strategy and their response ...
  • Currency Regimes and the Carry Trade 

    Accominotti, O; Cen, J; Chambers, D; et al. (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 14 March 2019)
    This study exploits a new long-run data set of daily bid and offered exchange rates in spot and forward markets from 1919 to the present to analyze carry returns in fixed and floating currency regimes. We first find that ...
  • Methodological Checklists for Improving Research Quality and Reporting Consistency 

    Eby, L; Shockley, K; Tayla, B; et al. (Cambridge University Press (CUP) for Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2020)
  • Service levels in make-to-order production: 3D printing applications 

    Hedenstrierna, CPT; Disney, S; Holmstrom, J (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020)
    Consumer 3D printing services offering to print customer’s models on demand must achieve high service with the available capacity. While the bulk of production tends to come from in-house capacity, overtime is also viable ...
  • Employment protection and FDI revisited: new evidence from micro data 

    Norback, P-J; Skedinger, P; Duanmu, J-L (Wiley, 2020)
    We use micro data on affiliates to Swedish multinational firms (MNEs) to explore the impact of more stringent employment protection legislation (EPL) on foreign direct investment (FDI). We add to the previous literature ...

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