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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    10 June 2009Cinema Model with Moving Panorama: Picture Palace  Unknown author
    17 June 2009Cinema Publicity Programme, Philharmonic Hall, London: Wildest Africa  Philharmonic Hall
    23 June 2009Cinema Publicity Programme, Young Men's Society Hall, Kanturk, 18 April 1898: Irish Lights and Shadows and The Marvellous Cinematograph  Young Men's Society Hall
    23 June 2009Clockwork Kinora Viewer  British Mutoscope & Biograph Co. Ltd.
    15 June 2009The Coliseum, Regent's Park  Jones & Co.; Shepherd, Thomas H.
    24 June 2009The Colosseum, Regent's Park  Higham, Thomas; Parris, E.T.
    19 June 2009Coloured Daguerreotype Portrait in Case: Unidentified Man  Claudet; Claudet
    10 August 2009Comic Postcard: Can I be a Butler When I Grow Up, Mum?  D. Constance, Ltd.; McGill, Donald
    6 August 2009Comic Postcard: Changed My Mind Again, Dad - I Want to be a Butler!  K., T.
    25 June 2009Comic Postcard: Come Off it, John Willie! You Can See Me Like That for Nothing!  H.B. Ltd.
    25 June 2009Comic Postcard: Eh Mum! I Want to be a Butler When I Grow Up  Unknown author
    25 June 2009Comic Postcard: Enjoying the 'Stars,' Harold?  Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd.; Mallet, Dennis
    25 June 2009Comic Postcard: Having a Good Look for her Penny, Eh Bert?  F. Marks; Pip
    6 August 2009Comic Postcard: My Word! I've Been with the Wrong Family for Years!  Sunshine Comic; K., T.
    25 June 2009Comic Postcard: Sowing his Wild Oats!  Alphalsa Publishing Co., Ltd.; Gilson, T.
    23 June 2009Conical Polyorama Panoptique  Unknown author
    12 June 2009The Conquest of the Soudan: Gordon Avenged  J. Tamblyn; York & Son; Eaton, W.A.
    18 June 2009'Crayon Drawing'  Unknown author
    15 June 2009Cremation, Government Famine Grounds, India  Fine-Art Photographers' Publishing Co.; Singley, B.L.
    17 June 2009Curiosities of Street Literature: a Collection of 'Cocks,' or 'Catchpennies,' a Large and Curious Assortment of Street-drolleries  Reeves and Turner