One Hundred Years of Showmanship: Poole's 1837-1937

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One Hundred Years of Showmanship: Poole's 1837-1937

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Title: One Hundred Years of Showmanship: Poole's 1837-1937
Author: Poole, John R.
Date Issued: 2009-06-23
Type: textImage
Description: Booklet describes the Poole family's history as creators of 'panoramas, dioramas, myrioramas, theatres, variety halls, and cinemas.' Illustrations of some of the scenes portrayed, and an explanation of how some of the spectacular effects were produced. Second part consists of a Jim Poole autograph postcard (dated Feburary 1985; addressed to Bill Douglas). Jim Poole was son of the author. Page number(s) as given: files ending 01_001, 01_001_2, 01_010, 01_010_2, 02, 02_2 are not included in pagination, files ending 002-009_2 are pp.1-16
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