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dc.format.mediumfair, completeen_GB
dc.rightsThe digital object(s) attached to this record are available for you to use for educational purposes only under licence from the University of Exeter. Use of the object(s) must be compliant with the terms of the licence agreement, full details are available on the "Original Licence" link below.en_GB
dc.titlepicturegoer: the screen magazineen_GB
dc.descriptionContents: Frontispiece: Natascha Rambova Uncensored Epistles, open letters to the stars They've Got You Fooled, it's always April in Hollywood The Career of Carmel, all about Carmel Myers Friends!, hands across the screen The Real Belle Bennet, as distinct from the 'reel' Desperado Doug, the black pirate of the movie main The Cult of Realism, Zolas of the silver sheet John Juan, Barrymore's latest screen role Laura La Plante's Fashion Page, something special for feminine readers Is Multiplication Vexation, read this article and see Picturegoer Art Gallery: Pola Negri, Robert Frazer, William Boyd, Eleanor Boardmon, Rod La Rocque Rome Goes Roaming, a London interview with Stuart Rome Before The Dawn, darkness precedes the light Thrills In The Making, the gentle art of the stunting Puck Of the Pictures, Mae Busch deserves the title Ruth Roland's Hollywood Home The Players, the sixth of an interesting series Kathlyn Reminisces, half an hour with Kathlyn Williams Winds Of Chance, the story of the first national film Merton of the Movies, do not miss this movie serial Shadowland The Pick Of The Pictures Picturegoer's Guide Carols and Pulling Pictures Let George Do It What Do You Think?en_GB
dc.contributor.organisationOdhams Press Ltd.en_GB
dc.format.dimensionsheight 301mm, width 225mmen_GB

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