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dc.format.mediumComprises camera body and mechanism, with spare film magazine (none yet numbered); lacks winding handle and carrying strap. J.B. McDowell autograph (dated July 1928) inside lower magazine within camera body.en_GB
dc.rightsThe digital object(s) attached to this record are available for you to use for educational purposes only under licence from the University of Exeter. Use of the object(s) must be compliant with the terms of the licence agreement, full details are available on the "Original Licence" link below.en_GB
dc.titleMoy and Bastie cinematograph camera: patent no. 4534 of 1909; serial no. 376en_GB
dc.subject.otherfilm productionen_GB
dc.contributor.organisationErnest F. Moy Ltd.en_GB
dc.format.typewood / metal / glassen_GB

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