Hanaa Malallah is regarded as Iraq's leading female contemporary artist. Hanaa's current work focuses upon the reocurring destruction of Iraq's heritage and how this can inspire artistic creation.

Several of the works in this collection use Hanaa’s Ruins Technique, ‘a uniquely Iraqi aesthetic model for interpreting marks of destruction on archaeological material as modern idiom’.

Recent Submissions

  • The Name of the Flower Video 

    Malallah, Hanaa (11 November 2010)
    Video of The Name of the Flower, a 100-leaf Art Book in mixed media.
  • The Active Ruins of Mesopotamia (Iraq) 

    Malallah, Hanaa (10 November 2010)
    First civilization (Mesopotamia), now as a ruins. The region between the two rivers. The region came to be known as Iraq. Largely corresponding to modern Iraq, now as a ruins as a result of US and UK occupation.
  • Limb Swastika with Red Yucca 

    Malallah, Hanaa (10 November 2010)
    Metal fragments from the metal detecting collection in the University of Exeter Department of Archaeology teaching collection; red cactus pieces from outside the Laver building, University of Exeter Campus. Many of the ...
  • Red Swastika 

    Malallah, Hanaa (10 November 2010)
    Paper casing of anti-riot CS gas from the 1968 riots at the Democratic Convention, Chicago, loaned by Martin Bell; red and green cacti pieces from outside the Laver building, University of Exeter Campus. Hanaa was struck ...
  • Untitled 

    Malallah, Hanaa (10 November 2010)
    Metal casing from 1973 Arab-Israeli conflict, Golan Heights; paper shot casing from Rhodesia/Zimbabwe,1972, above objects loaned by Martin Bell; gold covered Islamic block stamp; roll of charred cloth; animal bone fragments ...

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